Deer Ears!


Yahoo!  I received the little “deer ears” that I ordered.  I found “Lovely Nohea” on Etsy.

How precious is this!!??!!

Kalani is wonderful to work with and very accommodating.  I had a specific look I was going for when I contacted her.  She put together some flower combos and let me choose.  I also asked her to change the color of the ears for a photo shoot I’m planning.  I love it!  It’s absolutely perfect!  Look at the cute little fur touches in the ears!  Be sure and check out the other items on her Etsy shop – it’s ALL hand made!

Studio Update


So I found this little cutie at Hobby Lobby and had to have it!!  Of course it was on sale – 50% off – cost me $10.

I’ve been wanting some cubbies for prop storage but my space is limited.  I found this 6 cube unit at Target:

The cube unit was $35 and the pink cubes were just $5 ea. It’s perfect for the space!


Tea Party Prop


When you can’t find what you want – you make it!  I was looking for a small pedestal for some tea party treats for a “Mini Session” I want to do this Spring.  I couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to make it.  The candlestick was 50% off , I used a 40% off coupon on the wood round & I had the clear spray paint.

I sprayed the wood round on both sides for a bit of protection . . . added some wood glue to the candlestick . . .

. . . then added some weight for good adhesion . . . .

. . . Voila! How stinkin’ cute is that! LOL

Total cost was about $13 (Hobby Lobby).



Belley Sleepover



I have this little clay handprint hanging on my inspiration wall in my bathroom.

  I was about 5 years old when it was made.

Belle is turning 4 years old this year and her hand almost fits!  Look at that cute face!!




Allergy season has begun!  I always forget it’s coming and then I wonder  . . . am I getting a c.o.l.d.?  No it’s March! Time to get my HONEY out!  One teaspoon of local unfiltered honey is the key to getting through this!  And it’s delicious!

Sprayed & Refreshed Container


So this is my little “jar” before . . .

This is after . . . love!

Business gold on the outside . . . happy green on the inside.

I’ve had this chickenwire frame for some time.  I used those 3mm velcro tabs and attached it to one of the closet doors in my studio.

I’m using it to display my pics . . . Love the mini gold clothespins!


Spray Paint to the Rescue


I love these bright green items but I don’t have bright green accent stuff anymore.  So spraypaint to the rescue!

I’m telling you spraypaint is the answer to all your problems!!  You can change the look of anything!

I had a few of these hooks left over from the old mudroom (now pantry).  I’ve been wanting to hang my ironing board to get it off the floor in my linen closet.  Voila!  Do people still use an ironing board? LOL  One day when I re-do the linen closet you’ll get to see more of it than just this wall.