DIY Bench


I have a lot of scraps left over from my porch build and since they’re all pressure treated scraps I decided to build a little bench for my porch.  I found a super simple DIY bench plan on Pinterest, here it is:

I made a few modifications so it’s not exactly by the plans but it turned out pretty good!  I painted it with some left over “red barn paint” by Behr.

So cute! Annnndddd thank you to my girlfriend Tammy in Cali who sent me a sweet surprise – a Home Goods gift card!!  I picked out that very cool black metal lantern!  Thanks Tammy!!!!!  I found the pillow and flowers at Hobby Lobby and the ceramic vase was clearance at my grocery store!

It’s Been 5 Years!


I saw my oncologist yesterday, Dr. DeSilva.  It’s been 5 years since I completed my radiation treatments.  This picture was taken after my last treatment.  I am blessed to be cancer free and so thankful to God and to everyone whose helped me along this journey.  I will continue to see Dr. DeSilva but now only once a year!  God is good!

Outdoor Kitchen/Bar


Soooo this is happening! Part of my grand vision was too build an area outside to use for entertaining. I’ve always wanted to re-purpose the left over metal I cut off the garden walls. My neighbor is helping me build this little area on one of the concrete pads I poured a couple years ago. We need to finish the roof with the metal panels and then I’ll need to put up the back wall and the left wall (bottom half with the left over metal and the upper half will be vinyl lattice. I wanted a place to put food and drinks so I don’t have to keep going back and forth into the house. I don’t think I’ll have time this year to build the lattice wall to the right of the covered area or time to build the bar on wheels.  So those may have to wait til next year. Yes, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff happening but trying to take it one day at a time. I’ve also had to deal with a roof leak in my house as well as a leaky roof in the barn! Just keep breathing, lol!!

Drink Dispenser – Score!


I was in Walmart yesterday getting some canning jars and I came across this score!!  It’s a Better Homes & Garden Drink Dispenser that was clearanced for $4.50!!  Yesssss four dollars and fifty cents!!  I can’t say no to things galvanized, lol.

Porch Painting


Porch painting has begun!  It feels like it’s going to take me forever.  I’m just putting on a first coat right now and I hope to get to the topcoat done before winter, lol, seriously I’m not kidding.  It’s been too hot here to paint so I try to get some done whenever it’s a little shady, which is only a couple of hours late morning.  Still need to get a skirt on it as well.  Hoping to get all the first coat of white on and also the deck boards which will be a little darker gray then my house.  I just love a painted porch, not specifically painting it myself though, lol!