Seriously!! This Girl!!


So I’m going through the stuff I took out of my “catch-all” room (now my studio) and came across this cute little owl.  I sent this pic to Tara and asked her if she wanted it – she loves owls.  She said “definitely, I’ll think I’ll paint it”.

Seriously??!!!!  This girl is too much!!!!! She painted that owl and it does NOT even look the same!  Tara, your painting skills are off the charts!



Princess Gowns?


If you happen to have any toddler/little girl’s fancy dresses that have been outgrown . . . I’d love to take them off your hands!  Looking for “princess look” dresses (Christmas, Easter, Flower Girl) . . . message me at  Thanks!!!

Wall of Fame


Got all my pics up and the 2 canvases I purchased from they have great specials sometimes! These are my favorite pics of “My First Four” and my granddaughter.  Thank you Sarah, Cassi, Lisa & Heidi for bringing me your beautiful children to practice with! You will always be “My First Four”!