Rustic Garden Gate


I had two old gates that I’d gotten from Matthew’s parents when they were putting up some new vinyl fencing.  I was hoping to use them in my garden area.  I decided I didn’t want to put a gate in front of the garden because it blocked the view too much – but I did want a gate on the back of the garden.  The small gate I’d gotten from them was about 8″ too small.  Soooo I took apart the big one!

I love the “patina” of the old aged and grayed wood.  I removed all the pickets from the old gate and cute the wood up into the sizes I needed.

I laid the support board underneath my frame and marked the angles.  Then screwed it all together.

I love this old wood!  I cut the pickets to the length I wanted then spaced them out on my frame and screwed them down.

I add these hinges laying around and they were perfect.  I couldn’t use the old hardware because it didn’t work on this type of frame.

My neighbor came over and held the gate up so I could drill it into the wood support.  It fit perfectly!!!

I was able to reuse the handle and the latch from the old gate.

One thing checked off my list!  Love it ~ new wood would have look out of place.  Now it looks like it’s always been there.  Thanks Diane & Brian!


Windmill & Snapdragons


I’ve been wanting to plant some snapdragons forever, love this dark red color.  I found this cute garden windmill at Joann’s.  Projects for this summer – finish painting & staining the front porch AND finishing off the front to cover the old stairs and old sidewalk.

Photography Prop – Rustic Bed


I’ve always said, “save your scraps”!!  Whether they’re wood scraps or scrapbooking scraps – you never know when you might need them, lol.  These are some of my wood scraps left over from the deck, the porch, and some fence pickets.

I took some of my left over 1″x3″ pine boards, cut them all to 15″ and screwed them into some support boards which were 2″x3″ scraps.  These tree scraps, lol, are left over from an aspen tree that died at my old house.  I just love the look and all the knots, so I saved them lol and I was happy I did!!

I cut the aspen scraps down to 17″ and screwed them into the support boards.  Looks like a little fishing dock, lol.

Perfect for a photography newborn bed! Love it!


Rhubarb Plants


A friend of mine was getting rid of her rhubarb plants – so I’m giving it a shot.  I have 2 and planted them in front of my pumpkin patch fence.  I actually think they’re going to make it, LOL!   A little hail damage but I can see new growth.  I’m looking forward to making some rhubarb & strawberry jam this summer!  Thank you Sue!!!!!



Need I say more???? Yes I feel like a grown up – cool air coming through those vents – sooooooo fabulous and every room in the house is actually the same temp, lol!  I want to give a shout out to Ken Avery and his crew from Great Peaks!   They did an awesome job – all done in one day – very professional, very friendly and very respectful!!  Highly recommend if you need any HVAC work done! 5 stars for sure!!