Aspen Scraps


I have some Aspen scraps leftover from making the little Aspen Bed for my newborn photography.  So I thought I’d cut up some rounds for a little project I have in mind . . . . more on this one later.  Oh the suspense . . . LOL

Outdoor Kitchen/Bar Update


I purchased a sheet of 4’x8′ – 1/2″ exterior grade plywood and asked Home Depot to cut it to size for me.  I painted the underside and edges for a little extra protection and then screwed it into my framing.  Next step was to cut the hardie backer board down to size.

I applied a bit of thinset in between the plywood and backer board for extra adhesion.

FYI – it’s been in the mid to high 90’s here for wayyyyy to long.  A friend of my suggested that I put the thinset pail in a bucket of water to keep it cooler than the air temps.  It worked perfect!!!  Never dried up on the top or edges of the thinset pail.  Thanks Sherry!!  I actually had this pre-mixed thinset left over from tiling my bathroom shower (over a year ago).  That is one advantage to purchasing pre-mixed.  You don’t have any waste.

I used the hardie backer screws to attached the backer board to the plywood and clamped the seam down to dry.

My last 5 tiles!!!  Planning on trimming it out and grouting this weekend!


Pumpkins & Garden Update


It always blows my mind how fast everything grows!  I planted the pumpkins just 4 weeks ago . . .

. . . the herbs, lettuce, radishes & carrots 5 weeks ago . . .

and the tomatoes & peppers 5 weeks ago!  Tomatoes are coming but noooo peppers yet???  😦



I just want to give a shout out to “Ryobi” . . . I bought this 4 piece Ryobi set about 3 years ago from Home Depot –  Being a DIY’er I absolutely love these tools.  Not super fancy but they are super DIY friendly.  The batteries are all interchangeable and this little 5″ blade circular saw is the best, lightweight and no cords.  I dooooo love my tools, lol.  Oh, I’m cutting some hardie backer cement board for my bar top – I’m putting this 1/4″ backer board over 1/2″ exterior plywood before I can tile, in case you were wondering. LOL

Vintage Firetruck – Gift!!


How stinkin’ cute is this!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the families that I photographed gave this to me for my business!

Just need to get a bell for the front end & maybe I’ll make a little ladder for the side hooks?!  I just love it!!!

Soooo sweet – thank you Jill!!

Porch Update


Old pic – after the porch was built last year.

Porch pergola is finally painted – just need to paint the deck boards and add the trim to the bottom.

Anddddd just in time for the 4th!!  I got “Old Glory” up – Happy 4th of July!!

Outdoor Kitchen/Bar Counter Update


I finished putting the supports in that I wanted for the bar top.  I had some leftover fence picket scraps from my neighbor so I cut those down a tad and nailed them in for my top shelf storage.  The scraps weren’t long enough for the bottom shelf (bottom shelf is bigger) so off to Lowe’s I go for some fence pickets.

I have a ton of small scraps of pressure treated wood from my deck so I used those for the sides and I added the casters.

Painted the sides with my favorite Behr Fence & Barn Paint.  The size of the outdoor kitchen/bar counter was dependent on my metal scraps I took down from the garden area.  Putting 2 together was 75″ wide so that’s the width I went with because then I only had to cut that metal once for the height.  I hate cutting that stuff – sparks everywhere butttt the blade I use does cut like butter! LOL