Sunday vs. Monday


The high on Sunday was a balmy 68 degrees.  I had short sleeves on and spent some time turning the dirt over in my garden beds.

This was yesterday morning! The high was in the 20’s!  And last night we got even more snow – 5″!  The temps this morning were 2 degrees!! Baby it’s cold outside! LOL

1st Big 2018 Project


Waiting for some warmer temps . . . but I’m ready to replace the carpet in my bedroom with my new flooring.  Then the snowball affect begins . . . move all the furniture out, remove carpet – pad – staples, lay down floor, put up trim boards, make and hang barn door into Mistress Bath, hang and paint beadboard in Mistress Bath entry . . . gives me a headache just listing all those things! LOL

Valentine Editing


I spent the afternoon yesterday editing some pictures I took of Little Robert during his Valentine Mini Session.  I’ll be posting his pics all week on my photography blog . . .  check them out: