Knock Out Roses


I rescued this Knock Out Rose bush from the clearance section at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve never planted or had a rose bush but these are suppose to be pretty maintenance free.  I certainly hope so!

Finally got it in the ground over the weekend. I noticed a couple of rose buds this morning when I was watering it! Yahoo

WOW Me Wednesday!


Don’t let the size fool you!  It’s the absolute perfect amount of delicious, yumminess!!  THICK Dove dark chocolate shell and yummmmmy raspberry sorbet!!! ONLY 150 calories – the perfect treat!  If you love dark chocolate and raspberry you will NOT be disappointed!!  😉

Garden is Planted


A couple pepper plants, a cherry tomato & 3 different tomato plants.  Thought I’d try these out – 1 Early Girl – 1 Better Boy & 1 Goliath.

Thought I’d try out some Rosemary and Basil this year.

3 Rows of lettuce, 1 row of carrots & 1 row of radishes – Love a fresh summertime salad!

Just in Time for the Weekend!


Just in time for the weekend!! First let me say how absolutely convenient it is to FINALLY be able to purchase regular alcohol at the grocery store!  I’ve lived in Colorado now for 23 years and the ONLY thing you could purchase in the grocery store was beer and wine coolers which were 3.2% alcohol.  They’d call it 3-2 beer, lol.  Anywho . . . now they sell full strength wine and beer in the grocery store. Tried this out by the request of one of my girlfriends (thanks Sherry) and they are as refreshing and tasty as she said!  Pick some up this weekend, love! Angry Orchard Rose – yummmmm

Drum Roll Please . . . . .


What will it Bee?  Heidi did such a great job on the box!

Yessssssss It’s a girl!!!! (we thought it was a boy)

Congrats to Matthew & Amie!!  My daughter is having her daughter!

Some “reveal party” decor.

Beautiful! She’s at 20 weeks