DIY Picture Rails


I decided I wanted to put up a couple of picture rails in the studio over that big cabinet.  I went to Lowe’s and bought 2 preprimed – 1×3’s that were 12′ long and had them cut into 5′ lengths (gave me 4 – 5′ with a couple of 2′ left overs).  I clamped two of them together and pre-drilled some holes.

Then I took them apart and applied a bead of wood glue along the length of the shelf board.

Re-clamped and used some drywall screws ( 1 1/4″) to attach the shelf board to the back board and let them dry.  Did the same thing to the other 2 5′ boards.

I had some 8′ trim pieces in the barn.  I’ll use these for the front of the shelf board so my picture frames don’t fall off.  I cut the trim pieces to 5′ and painted everything – Behr Semi-gloss Bright White. Then waited for everything to dry . . . . .

Backdrop Wall



I bought these ClosestMaid ShelfTrack 40″ wire shelving brackets (2) and anchored them into the studs on the wall (each was about $9).  I wanted to be able to adjust the support brackets at any height.  The support brackets came 2 in a pack and were about $7.

Sometimes I use fabric for backdrops and they’re not always the same length.  I also bought 1 1/2″ PVC pipe and used packing tape to attach this Valentine backdrop. I can store them like this or stand them up in the corner.  I love having options, lol.  I purchased all these products at Home Depot (except the backdrop).


Vintage . . . . .


Anyone else have one of these jewels?  I’m originally from Napa, California and there is a little bakery in Napa called “Buttercream Bakery” and it’s still there.  When I was much younger we’d sometimes get birthday cakes with a little porcelain figure on them that represented the month of our birthday.  I came across this while I was cleaning out the “new studio” “old catch-all room”.  Mom, do you remember these?  This is the only one I have left.  It’s kinda sad that something I own as a little girl could now be called Vintage! LOL

Making Progress – Studio


Before . . .

Where the editing will be done!  Only one side of the room for now, lol. The rest is a mess.

I loveee these curtains!  If found them at Target and they’re actually black out curtains. The metallic gold will look fabulous with my NEW City Girl Farms Photography LOGO!  Here’s the link for the curtains at Target:


Furniture Movers


This was the last bit of painting I needed to finish over the weekend and this sucker is heavy!

These are a single girl’s best friend! You can buy them anywhere: Joann’s, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, probably Target too.  I bought these quite awhile ago and they even came with little sherpa-like covers to use on wood or tile floors.  I used my little crowbar to lift the cabinet just enough to slide one of these under.

It really is unbelievable how easy it is to move furniture with these!!!!  Awesome!

What a Mess!


My intentions are to finish this room before the end of the month. This is my “collect all room”.  In my head it started as a craft room but for the last 3 years (since I moved in) it’s been the room to shove stuff when I didn’t have a place for it at the time.  The “Little Bow Pink” closet re-do is in this room and I had to start there to clear some stuff out before I could tackle the room itself.  It’s always worse and overwhelming before it gets better, lol.  I’m excited about this room because it’s the first room of the original house that I’m really tackling.  I going to use it for my home photography studio so I’m painting it white for some better natural light reflection.  I don’t think it’s been paint for 100 years – seriously!  Well, hopefully I’ll have some updated pictures soon.

Updated Closet


This is the original closet in my “catch all” room.  The sheet rock has gaps in every seam.  The paint looks like watered down matte finish white and it totally needs more shelving.

I emptied it out and removed the old shelves and the old supports.

I caulked what didn’t have a gaping hole in it and painted the seams.  My new color is Behr’s “Little Bow Pink” – love!

Love the new space!  I had to cut the supports longer than the shelves because I needed to hit the stud in the middle of the walls.  I was going to make the supports the full length of the wall and add hooks but the walls were so bowed it just wouldn’t work – the gap would have been almost an 1″.  I bought this shelving at Home Depot – and they were so nice and cut it the length that I needed. I bought 2 8′ boards and got 2 shelfs out of each. I also cut 1×2’s to cover the gaps in the ceiling.

Not sure I could cram any more into it – LOL!  But love having all my craft stuff in one place!

This plastic hanging storage is perfect for small stuff!