ColorStreet – French Manicure


This is my own wrinkley hand . . . Julie came over yesterday and put the french manicure on me. I could have done it myself but she volunteered!! So duh

This is what the set comes with: All sets come with 2 alcohol swaps and a file – the French Sets come with 2 sets of tips & 2 sets of clear strips.

Ok, first notice Julie’s pretty nails!  Love them! In this pic she already put the french tip on and filed, now she’s layering the clear coat.

One done – 9 more to go!

Ta daaaaaa!!!!! LOVE!!!!!

If you’re interested in these for yourself, I’m hosting a party where Julie will give a demonstration & tips on how to apply them.  She’ll  also have samples for you to try. Just let me know!  If you can’t come or can’t wait (because they’re so fabulous) – my party is already open online – you can place an order and they’ll ship directly to your house – $3 shipping whether you purchase one set or twenty.  Here is the link – when you check out just click on City Girl Farms/Ronda’s Nail Bar . . .


WOW Me Wednesday!


Tuna, Capers & Lemon Alfredo

I don’t have a picture of my casserole, I ate it before I remembered to take a pic! But I wanted to post this today.  It’s getting cold outside and this is such a quick, delicious and simple “go to” comfort dinner to throw together after work!  Mine is a bit different from the pic above but it was too weird to post without anyyyy pic.


Ingredients: (Makes enough for about 2-3 people)

1 can tuna (drained)

1 jar Alfredo Sauce (I use the four cheese kind)

Capers – as many as you like (I like a lot)

1/2 lemon

1 1/4 cup dry pasta – your choice (i use mini bow tie or mini penne)

Pine nuts – optional

Boil pasta and drain.  Add as much of the Alfredo Sauce as you like.  Add tuna, squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon juice & add capers.  Stir and warm over low heat.  Serve topped with pine nuts! YUMMMMMM

That’s it!! Enjoy with some sourdough!


Digital Background by Modern Market


This is the original picture I took of Miss Reece and added a slight blur to the background.

This is the same pic but with a “digital background” download I purchased online through Modern  I love the sparkle!!

Here is one I took of Miss Ridley.  I blurred the background and added sparkle lights to the Christmas tree.

Here is Miss Ridley with the sparkle background! She’s just too sweet!


Here is the Modern Market website . . . . she has some beautiful photography:

These are the Greatest! Color Street Nails


A friend of mine is a consultant for “Color Street”.  These are actual nail polish strips that go on in a minute.  One of the BEST THINGS . . . . I put them on before I went to bed and woke up with NO sheet marks! LOL

Depending on how long your nails are, you could get two nails out of one strip.  A set of solid colors is just $11 . . . they even have french manicures! And you can use them on your toes!   I’ll be hosting a “Nail Bar” Party for her so if you’re interested, let me know.  Here’s Julie’s link:

Introducing . . . City Girl Farms Photography!!


Soooooo I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  I use to be in loveeeee with photography but then kids and life happened.  I’ve decided to get into it again so I did my first photo shoot over the weekend!!  Sarah (Amie’s bestie) & her husband Justin brought over their girls for me to do a test run . . . . here are a few pics I wanted to share.

Little Ridley is just a month old.

She looks like a little snow angel.


Matching p.j.’s were a must.

This is my favorite . . . Reece stole the show! LOL  I told her I thought Tinkerbell might be in the lantern. (There was nothing in the lantern. I added the special effect when I edited.)  Thank you Sarah & Justin – it was a blast!