City Girl Farms ~ 1st Annual Harvest Party Pics


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We all had so much fun and the weather could NOT have been more perfect!  I had 32 adults, 6 kids and I had enough pumpkins to give away for everyone.  The Chili Cook-Off was a success (more coming on that).  Things I learned for next year: start earlier in the day, got dark way too fast – take more pictures – more red wine, less beer! Thanks to everyone who came ~ can’t wait till next year!!  More pics tomorrow.

Meet Schroeder!


img_1656A good friend and I reconnected a couple of weeks ago.  When our kids were young, her and her family moved down south and we kinda lost touch.  A couple of weeks ago she sent me an email at work and we were able to catch up during my last trip to see Amie & Matthew.  She came up this weekend and hadn’t seen my new/old house yet.  Well what a surprise it was when she opened the back of her jeep and said “I brought a housewarming gift for you.”  Oh my word, I was cracking up, he’s huge!!  I’d noticed him on my way out of “The Barn” a few weeks back, when her and I were shopping, but decided I should wait and just stick with the cute farm sign I bought.  I decided to name him “Schroeder” because it’s her last name and it just seemed to fit him.  I love Schroeder!  He is just perfect!  Thank you Tammy!!

And the WINNER is #10



#10 is the Winner of the 2016 Fall Porch Challenge!! Your Starbucks is in the mail!!!  #10 was submitted by . . . . Sherry Amos in Auburn California!!  Congrats Sher!!!!  Everyone had a few votes and IF there was a second place it’d be #6.  Technically you’re all winners and your porches look awesome!!!  Thanks for participating . . . . get ready for a Christmas Challenge! LOL

#1 – My friend Terri from Idaho

#2 – My friend Judy from Cali

#3 – My friend Debbie from Cai

#4 – My friend Michele from Colorado

#5 – My friend Denise from Cali

#6 – My friend Robin from Texas

#7 – My daughter-in-law Tara

#8 – My daughter’s friend Laura (who makes awesome wood signs!)

#9 – My friend Kelly from Cali (Sherry’s sister)

#11 – My friend Wendy from Cali (Sherry’s mom)

Fall Porch Challenge – VOTING is open!!


Thanks to everyone for participating!!!  Please be sure to expand all the pics so you can check out the cuteness in all the nooks and crannies!  You can vote by leaving a comment here, sending me a text or emailing me at!!  To give everyone a chance to vote – I’ll leave voting open until Thursday night & announce the WINNER – FRIDAY MORNING! Have fun, they all look fabulous!!

Fall Porch/Vignette Challenge Pics – Tomorrow


img_1610I’m pulling the pics together for the Fall Porch/Vignette Challenge – They’ll be up for voting tomorrow!!  Since I’m not competing in my own “challenge” I wanted to share my little vignette with you.  Technically those cute crates belong to my daughter, we had them for her wedding and I borrowed them for my Harvest Party which was Saturday.  Pics from my party will be up later in the week.  Can’t wait for you to see all the fabulous porches!!

48 Hours!!


4412a2a05f63bb7767c41e9d65d2cfceTechnically a bit more than 48 hours, lol.  Get your pic emailed by THIS Sunday night to be entered into the Fall Porch Challenge!!  I’ll do my best to get entries up on my blog Monday for voting . . . email me one pic to: while there’s still time!