So This Just Happened!


20170224_122223_1487964477556Mia and I were here at work when Pastor Kim came into the office.  He was marrying a young couple who needed a couple witnesses.  Wow, I’ve never been an official witness before, you know – signing the marriage certificate and all!  Was so sweet – we were all crying, lol.  Congrats to Tim & Brittany.

Happy, Happy 28th Birthday!


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The kids all came over last night for dinner to celebrate Amie’s 28th birthday coming up on Sunday.  We had a great time and once again, I didn’t get enough pictures – Jason & Tara were over and not one pic of them, poo!  A few more pics tomorrow 😉

Make some “Good Noise”


99e0e0f5bc77184b27721d9cd16a7d76I was inspired today by a blog I follow – “Hunt and Host”.  She is a Christian women who shares our Lord and some great DIY ideas on her blog.  She also lives in Texas where all the BEST thrift stores and vintage fairs are – one day I’ll make it to “Round Top”!  Anywho . . . She reminded today of how important we ALL are and the roles we play in others lives, small roles and big roles.  Our roles are all important no matter how insignificant it may feel sometimes.  Whether it’s with our kids, our grandkids, our co-workers, our neighbors or the “check out” chick at Walmart – a kind word or just a smile can impact someone else’s life.

In all the “Noise” out there on the internet and in the news, Kim at Hunt & Host reminded me that I can be a part of the “Good Noise”.  You can be part of the “Good Noise”.  I am always encouraged by the comments you all leave me here on my blog or the ones you tell me in person.  Thanks for sharing some “Good Noise” with me.  Remember to share it with others.  Be kind, encourage someone, smile, open a door, say thank you, send someone a note – a real note – a handwritten note (lol).  Go make some “Good Noise” today!  If you’re interested, stop by Kim’s blog – here is a link:

Sign Language by Laura


Laura is a friend of Amie’s and we love Laura.  Besides being an overall great person, she is a sign maker!  I have some of her holiday signs and I was lucky enough to have her make me a custom sign for my bathroom – because it’s my favorite place in the whole house.  I gave her the dimensions and the color ideas that I had and VOILA!!!  It’s gorgeous! It’s perfect! And it’s exactly what I wanted!!!  Thank you Laura!!!

Here is her Facebook page – she does random “Restock” sales where you too could have an awesome sign!  She lives in the “Springs” so if you live locally and you’re lucky enough to get one of her signs I could probably get it up here for you.