This is Robert . . .


This is little Robert & he belongs to Cassi & John.  Cassi is a friend and co-worker of Amie’s.  They came up Sunday for a photo shoot.

As you can see – he’s a cutie patootie!  I’m obsessed with his p.j.’s!  Cassi got them at Target if you interested.

I’m also obsessed with jammies without feet – I asked all my moms to bring jammies with no feet, little toes are at the best.  Love this kid!

I picked up this vintage suitcase over the weekend at Vintage Market Days.

Sweet boy!

This Merry Christmas sign belongs to Amie.  Love it – she bought it through her friend Laura @

Merry Christmas!


Crazy Story . . . and not so crazy!


So, I’m in the Springs this past weekend and I’m shopping with my daughter, her husband and his mom.  We all went to “Vintage Market Days” and then did some Christmas Shopping.  I saw this cutie cow picture in Kirkland’s and they only had ONE, but passed on it cause I should be buying gifts for other people! LOL . . .  We left Kirkland’s and went into Sam’s Club (in the same shopping center).  We’re leaving Sam’s Club and Amie says, “I have to run back into Kirkland’s”.  The rest of us wait in the car.  She comes out of Kirkland’s, hands me the bag and says, “here mom, Merry Christmas from Robin”!!  I’m like – what????? Robin live in Texas!

Robin had texted Amie while we were in Kirkland’s.  Amie texted her a couple pics and Robin responded with, “that cow picture is the one I wanted to get her!”.  OK, soooo while Robin (who lives in Texas) was in South Carolina for  Thanksgiving had been out shopping and saw the cow pic in a Kirkland’s in South Carolina.  She didn’t want to carry it home on the plane so thought she’d buy it online and ship it to me.  However,  it was not available online!  Sooooooooooooo what are the odds that Robin would text Amie at the exact same time that we are shopping at Kirkland’s in Colorado Springs . . . . then Amie sends her a pic of the VERY cow pic that I wanted that Robin wanted to buy me (3 weeks ago) . . . and it was the ONLY ONE left!!!

TOTAL GOD THING!  HE does stuff like that for me & Robin – crazy story, but crazy cool!!!  Thank you Texas Bestie!! I love him!!!! His name is Nickers!! For you know, St. Nickers! LOL  Yes I’m really laughing out loud at myself! LOL


A Little Belley Time!


The kids dropped her off early last Saturday and I told her I’d make her some blueberry pancakes (her favorite), she said “this time strawberry pancakes”!  So being a good grammy I went to the store and bought some frozen strawberries and whip creme.  I always made these Christmas morning when my kids were growing up!  She’s decided this is her new favorite!

She’s finally made friends with Henderson the Nutcracker!  She was afraid of him last year – now they’re buds!

We “always” do a project when she comes over so we made some gingerbread cookies.  Added a bit of orange zest and rolled them in sugar.

Waiting patiently for them to bake. LOL

Success!  YUM (just love this kid!)

Santa Arm . . .


Remember this pic? .  . . . . I had seen a pic similar to the one I took below and thought “how can I come up with a Santa arm without buying a Santa suit”?????  I was in Michaels purchasing these items when I saw a wall of Christmas Stockings – it was literally like a light bulb went on!!!

When I saw that red stocking I seriously saw a Santa ARM upside down!!

I took the toe of the stocking and removed the stitches up to the heel.  I already had the gloves.  I used the heel of the stocking for the elbow – slipped it on upside down, added the glove and voila!!

The perfect SANTA ARM!  And yesssss I was pretty tickled with myself!! LOLLLLLL

Thanks Everyone!


Thanks ladies for placing an order . . . . Amie Bayless, Judith Lloyd, Sherry Amos, Robin Shearer, Betty Boulet, Pat Miller, Donna Nei & Laura Snead.  

This color is called London Calling . . . love it!  I did these on Saturday.

REMEMBER to re-seal your un-used nail strips.  I just used this lighter and ran it across the edge to re-seal.  If you forget to re-seal, it’s like leaving your nail polish bottle open and they will dry up.  Thanks again ladies!




Little Miss Clara


This little angel face just turned 1 year old at Thanksgiving!  Her mommy is great friends with Amie and they all came up a couple weeks ago.  I could take pictures of this girl all day long! LOL

Too cute! These are LED lights and the light covers are actually plastic – so if you’re taking pics of little kids these are great.  Bought them at Michaels.

This is the same Teepee I used for Jacob’s pictures.  I just changed out the brown fur for some white fur.

I love this pic . . . more on the Santa hand tomorrow!

Just precious!  Thanks Heidi for coming up & letting me practice with your little cutie patootie!