Fairy Lights


How cute are these!!! I wanted something whimsical for the area by my studio.

They come in a set of 4 with stakes that screw in – pretty sturdy for the thin’ish metal silhouettes. Love them! Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/ANGMLN-Silhouette-Decorative-Ornaments-Flowerbed/dp/B091DYLQ51/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=metal+fairy+with+lantern&qid=1627348629&sr=8-4

Feel free to ignore my peony that I just planted – high hopes for next year, lol. It’s holding it’s own in this horrible heat we’ve been having.

Front Yard!!


When I moved in almost 7 years ago, I was moving a sprinkler every 15 minutes because my house has NEVER had a sprinkler system. I gave up moving the hose a couple of years ago. I also have never had any decent water pressure. So to make a long story shorter – I found a well guy – he was able to add enough air to my water pressure tank so it could service a sprinkler system.

Ignore the paint falling off the house – that’s another story, lol. This is the front of the house before calling E & M Landscaping in Brighton. Efren and his crew seriously had their work cut out for them. They removed all the dirt/grass, weeds, dead 6′ trees and dug a brand new sprinkler and drip system!

My attempt to start a border and use mulch.

This was day 2.

This is the side yard.

Side yard complete!

E & M Landscaping did an awesome job!!! New sod, new border, new rock, and new sprinkler system! I’m beyond happy with their work & great communication. It’s just soooooo nice, I feel like it looks like a home!

Side note – a front yard fence was not in the budget, so I purchased new black vinyl chicken wire and spray painted the green stakes – looks sooooo much better! Thanks for the idea Sherry!!

One day a nice “real” fence would be nice? LOL

Studio Ceiling


Ok, this is where we left off . . . .

I’ve had a little help – Thanks Christa for coming over and holding up some boards for me & Thanks to my son Jason who helped me cut around the rafters. The last boards go up against the center 2×6 and it a perfect world I would just rip them BUTTTTT of course the measurements are alllllll not the same. It gave me a headache so I’m taking a break, LOL. The good news is that now I think I can have the A/C mini split put in!!

Girl Time


Studio Path


Studio Update


Studio Cabinets – IKEA Brimnes


My first attempt at IKEA furniture.  I purchased 2 of their Brimnes cabinets and I love them!!  They were actually not hard to put together.  I just opened that big intimidating bag of bits and pieces and laid them all out.  The pictures were easy to follow and I’m really impressed.  I see more of these cabinets in my future . . .

I decided to change the handles on the cabinets.  They are 3 3/4″ center to center and I found this handles at Lowes.  They are perfect!!  I will say the handles that come with the cabinets are very good – they’re actually made of wood, not plastic.  I just wanted to amp them up a tad 😉

Here’s the link for the cabinets – they also come in black and gray:  https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/brimnes-cabinet-with-doors-black-80300660/


Studio Ready – Kinda


So I had my first studio session this last weekend.  The Studio isn’t finished – but it is workable.  It went great!  And I can’t wait to show you pictures of Baby Vince 😉

Still need to trim out all the widows, finish the ceiling insulation, finish the ceiling with shiplap and then the floor!  I’m close!!  And we’re hoping for a warming trend!