DIY – Barn Door Done!


I am so in love with my door!!! I’ve gotta say when I was cutting and painting, I kept thinking – I should’ve just bought a door!! LOL, but one reason I push through my DIY projects is because I end up with exactly what I want.  Love!!


DIY Barn Door – Part 3


I decided where I wanted my center trim to be so I could mark and cut the boards for my “X”.  Here is a video I watched on Pinterest – it was super helpful. Thank you for posting – Warm Cozy Home –

I’m hoping this will make sense . . . I wanted some kind of handle on the backside of the door to move it when it was closed.  Nothing could protrude from the backside of the door so I used a door “finger pull” to have something to grab onto it.  I marked the 1×4 where I wanted it – which would be behind my middle trim board.  I then used my 2″ hole saw to cut the hole.

I put a couple of 2×4’s under the door so I wouldn’t cut into my floor.

After I attached the middle trim and “X” I turned the door over, painted the back with a couple of coats of Behr Semi-Gloss white and then glued the “finger pull” in place (forgot that pic).

I caulked all my nail holes and the trim pieces, then put another coat of paint over all the trim.  Used a 3/4″ drill bit to drill the holes for the barn door  hardware and attached those.

Added my door handle and now I’m just waiting to hang it up!!



We have a very special volunteer that comes into the office every Thursday to help out.  EVERY Thursday we all wait with anticipation of “I wonder what Mary is going to bring”?  EVERY Thursday she brings in a special homemade treat for us!!!!  EVERY Thursday!!!!  One of her specialties is making brownies with all different kinds of toppings or candy inserted in the mix.  Today is brownies with a layer of peanut butter, caramel, chocolate and peanuts!!!!  Let me just say, it’s as goooooddddd as it looks!!  Thank you Mary!!

DIY Barn Door – Part 2


I chose primed mdf boards for my barn door – I’m painting it white as opposed to staining it so I thought primed boards would save me a coat of paint, LOL, andddd mdf boards have a slightly rounded edge and I wanted the extra visual definition between the boards.  I purchased 7 – 1×4″x8′ and 2 – 1×6″x8′ for the face of the door.  I cut my first board to 83″ then stacked and clamped 2 more 8′ boards to cut to size.  I’ve found that clamping the boards together and placing the first cut right up against the saw blade gives me more precise cuts (cause I’m not that great at measuring, lol).

I took all the boards in the house and laid them on the flat floor of my kitchen – because building it inside made more sense to me.  It’d be way to heavy for me to get it inside the house after building it.  You can see the 7 inside 1×4″s and the 2 outside 1×6″s.  I used 1×6″s for the outsides because the vertical trim I’m using on top will be 1×4″s and I wanted the reveal under the 1×4″ to show – as opposed to using all 1×4″s and the edges of the door just being stacked on top of each other.  Does that make sense?

Here are my trim pieces.  The door ended up being 35 1/2″ wide.  (You can see the 1×4″s laid on top of the 1×6″s and you can see the reveal of the 1×6″.)  I used a 1×6″ board for the top and bottom of the door and I cut those to the width of the door first (1 extra 1×6″x8′ board for the trim).  Then I cut the vertical 1×4″s to fit between the top and bottom (2 extra 1×4″x8′).

Before attaching everything I painted all the boards first.  Not sure if you can tell but a storm came through so painting happened inside the house. I used Behr Semi-Gloss White.

After the boards dried, I laid them back on the floor.  Then I used 1 1/4″ brad nails and Gorilla Glue to attach all the trim boards which then started holding the door together.

I was pretty generous with the Gorilla Glue, lol.  Glued first, then nailed.

Soooooo, I hate it when I forget to make sure the nailgun has enough nails!!!!  When I realized I was out I couldn’t tell when it happened so I had to go back and nail them all again!

More to come . . .


Cutest Little Easter Sign


I was in the Springs this weekend visiting my daughter and her family.  We went shopping on Saturday because we love Kirkland’s and I found this sweet little pic.  It’s even MORE adorable in person!  Sooooo cute! Here’s the link to Kirkland’s:

DIY Barn Door – Part One


I bought this Barn Door Hardware probably 3 years ago.  I’ve finally learned that projects don’t get done as fast as you think when you’re doing them yourself.  Since my wall is already existing I needed to add a “header” for it to hang from.  So I used a 1″x4″x8′ pre-primed pine board and marked it to the length I wanted.  The door rail is 6′ long.

I painted it and then screwed it into the studs in the wall.  That door is the old door to my closet – it will be coming off.

Then I pre-drilled the holes for the rail spacers that hold the bolts for the railing.  My neighbor came over to help me hold it while I screwed the anchors in.

The hardware kit comes with everything you need, except the door and your door handle.  Barn Door – Part 2 tomorrow.

This is the kit I bought from Home Depot:



It’s that time of year again!!! Buy local “unfiltered” honey for your allergies- start NOW!  One teaspoon/tablespoon every day, besides being delicious you have the extra benefit of keeping your allergies at bay! Andddd yes, those are pigs – salt & pepper shakers, thank you Tara!