Kitchen Re-Do Progress


These are the cabinets I’m putting in my new kitchen.  They’re Hampton Bay Shaker Cabinets I’m doing 42″ uppers in white and the base cabinets are Dove Gray. This particular white cabinet is not 42″.  It’s a “24” bridge cabinet that will go over the stove.

Here is my hardware.  I like to have “pulls” on the drawers and “knobs” on the cabinet doors.  Also from Home Depot.  More to come!

Flooring Done – Kinda


Pergo Rustic Gray Oak – Home Depot

So I’m trying to do this on a very small budget . . . which means I’m trying to do what I can myself.  I decided to do one side at a time and put the flooring under the cabinets as opposed to cutting around the new cabinets.  I want to see how hard it is to put in cabinets.  I’m hoping Jason or Matthew can help be my second set of hands.  Once the stove side is done, I’ll tackle this side, sink, fridge, dishwasher.  I’ll probably hire a plumber for sure – I’ll have a new sink/faucet and the dishwasher will need to be hooked up.  The fridge is actually going to end up at the end where that pantry is now.  Don’t hold your breath looking for the “reveal” – this is going to take a minute, lol.  I’ll keep you updated!

The Time is Here . . .


The kitchen re-do has begun!  All of this is gone except the stove.  Moving the fridge to the other side.

The old pieces are going to the barn – for another project wayyyy down the road.

Cut back the lineoleum as I went.  This oscillating tool I bought at Harbor Freight is a dream for cutting existing door trim!

Just use a scrap for the height you need and cut away!

Stove unhooked from the gas line and here we go . . . This is the same flooring I used in the dinning room and my bedroom.  Pergo Rustic Gray Oak from Home Depot.  I love it and it has the pad attached.  The only bummer is you have to order online.

A Little Refresh


This is the entrance to my “pumpkin patch” – this year, no pumpkins just weeds, lol.  There was a bunch of random flagstone pieces in the backyard when I bought the house.  I can’t even tell you how many times I had moved them around the backyard.  This section I did a couple years ago has been bugging me. Time to center it, border it and repaint it.

Everytime it rains the bark ends up on the concrete.  I had some old fence pickets sitting around so I cut them up to use as a border.  Leveled the dirt out a bit, added play sand and put the stones back in.

Now, to finish the border, rebark and repaint the fence!

Hummmmmm . . . .


1st, look beyond the very poorly watered grass and check out the fence.  So, I have a neighbor who’s a hoarder.  For reals!  They actually don’t even live in the house on the other side of this fence, they live about 30 minutes away.  They think I turned them into the county but I didn’t.  So one of the many things he’s hoarded is fence sections, I had no idea, lol. Because he “thinks” I turned him in, he started trimming all of his trees and jammed these fence sections up so I couldn’t see his yard, LOL!  Good news is . . . I have a new fence!

WOW Me Wednesday!


Hadddd to show you these! Wow, wafer cookies have come a long way!  No more plain vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.  Voortman wafers actually come in several fun flavors.  I think I saw Key Lime too.  Soooo yummy! Your welcome.