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City Girl Farms Photography


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Baby Shower Set Up


My car was loaded this weekend (2nd trip) with baby shower stuff.  The shower is next weekend and little Miss Ellie Grayce will be here in just a couple of months!!  So much F.U.N.!

Some Friday F.U.N.


Breaking in the new bar with friends!

Belley was here for the weekend and this is Simone – Chip & Meg’s granddaughter.

Getting dark . . . time to break out the s’mores!

Good job on the fire pit Chippey!!

Happy Anniversary!!


Happy 3rd Anniversary to my daughter & my son-in-law!!  What a F.U.N. day that was indeed!  So much fun with family and friends.  Now, 3 years later they are expecting their 1st baby!!  Many blessings to you guys as your new adventure begins!! xoxo

Checkers – Done!


We’ve had several storms blow through lately so time for some inside projects.  I worked on the checkers for the outdoor kitchen/bar over the weekend.

Just used some acrylic craft paints and some Mod Podge.  I was going to clear coat them and thought about using the Mod Podge instead due to it’s like glue and I thought it might help keep the bark on . . . we’ll see.

And yep . . . the “crown” side of my checkers are “swans”!

(I can hear you gasping & imagine you have chill bumps Marsha! LOL)

Baby Shower Prep Has Begun!


If you know me at all, you KNOW that the prep began wayyyy before now, lol.  We have these chalkboard signs that were used for Amie & Matthew’s wedding just about 3 years ago.  Tara (my daughter-in-law) did an amazing job on alllllll the wedding signs.  You can still see how cute this one was.  They’ve been stored in a plastic tub in the loft of my barn.  I guess the chalk stuff baked on in the heat.  This board is already wiped down with a wet rag.  Guess I should have cleaned them before I stored them, lol.  Any-who,  I went to Hobbs (Hobby Lobby) and found this small acrylic black “chalk” paint!

Voila!! Just like new and ready for the baby shower!

Some Fun with Belley


Road trip to visit with Auntie Amie & Uncle Matthew . . . and a little shopping at Vintage Market Days!

Waiting for our homemade chocolate mint ice cream to be ready! (in the Cuisinart above her head – she wanted to be close by, lol)

Chia seeds & wheat germ butterfly garden project!

Helping me water with our new little watering can we bought at Vintage Market Days.

She loves the chalkboard.

Needing to cool off – it’s been in the high 90’s and even hitting 101 degrees today!

Enjoying our ice cream – when she picked out the “mini” cones I didn’t realize how “mini” they actually were! Perfect for portion control, lol.

We had a great week together – now I need a nap! LOL