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We ARE Fam . . a . . lee!


I have known this sweet lady and her family for over 40 years and today we actually become SISTERS!  Denise and her family lived in the same neighborhood we did and we met during Junior High School (Middle School).  We have been besties over the years and TODAY my brother, Randy and her sister, Sally are getting married!! Wish I was out there to celebrate with you all.  Happy late “Siblings Day” Sis! LOL   xoxo   Hugs & kisses to Randy & Sally!!

Belley Sleepover



I have this little clay handprint hanging on my inspiration wall in my bathroom.

  I was about 5 years old when it was made.

Belle is turning 4 years old this year and her hand almost fits!  Look at that cute face!!


Seriously!! This Girl!!


So I’m going through the stuff I took out of my “catch-all” room (now my studio) and came across this cute little owl.  I sent this pic to Tara and asked her if she wanted it – she loves owls.  She said “definitely, I’ll think I’ll paint it”.

Seriously??!!!!  This girl is too much!!!!! She painted that owl and it does NOT even look the same!  Tara, your painting skills are off the charts!