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Seriously!! This Girl!!


So I’m going through the stuff I took out of my “catch-all” room (now my studio) and came across this cute little owl.  I sent this pic to Tara and asked her if she wanted it – she loves owls.  She said “definitely, I’ll think I’ll paint it”.

Seriously??!!!!  This girl is too much!!!!! She painted that owl and it does NOT even look the same!  Tara, your painting skills are off the charts!



“Creative U” & Grandkids Day!


Last year I started grandkids day – just me & them doing something special.  Last year we did it before Christmas and made cookies & gingerbread houses.

This year we went to “Creative U” in Brighton.  Right on Main St. and Miss Lisa was wonderful.  She use to teach art and decided to open her own place in Brighton 3 years ago.  Belle was excited to paint circles.

Owen was a bit more serious – he went for a sunset background and a tree . . . .

Big brother had to quick dry his canvas before layering on some colors . . . and little sister had to quick dry as well, lol.

These two munchkins are the best!

Time for lunch . . . we’re starving (starving artists – LOL)!

A Little Belley Time!


The kids dropped her off early last Saturday and I told her I’d make her some blueberry pancakes (her favorite), she said “this time strawberry pancakes”!  So being a good grammy I went to the store and bought some frozen strawberries and whip creme.  I always made these Christmas morning when my kids were growing up!  She’s decided this is her new favorite!

She’s finally made friends with Henderson the Nutcracker!  She was afraid of him last year – now they’re buds!

We “always” do a project when she comes over so we made some gingerbread cookies.  Added a bit of orange zest and rolled them in sugar.

Waiting patiently for them to bake. LOL

Success!  YUM (just love this kid!)