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“The Waddle-On Inn”


I went out to see the kids yesterday, Jason was at work.  THIS is the latest addition . . . a new duck Taj Mahal that Tara calls “The Waddle-On Inn”!!!  Love it!!!  To try and make life a little easier with the animals that have to come in at night, Jason built this for the ducks.

The light is on a dusk to dawn sensor as well as the door!!  So when they go in at night the door will close automatically when it gets dark!

I should have took a video – those ducks waddling in is just hilarious!

Too cute!

Please Pray


The fires are raviging the beautiful hills of Napa!  I have family and friends that are struggling with the devastation that is consuming the Napa Valley.  Please pray for the winds to die down, for the smoke to clear and the fires to stop.  The air is heavy with smoke and hard to breath.  Friends are not sleeping for fear of needing to evacuate in the middle of the night.  Praying for safety and peace for you all. xoxo

Congratulations to the Quinns!!!


Congratulations to Sarah & Justin Quinn as they welcomed their 2nd beautiful daughter early this morning!  Little Miss Ridley Maive was born at 3:34 am. this morning and weighed in at 7.1 lbs & 19.75 inches.  Can’t wait to meet this little angel girl!  Sarah is Amie’s best friend since middle school and like a second daughter!  Love you guys!