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Happy Day after Mother’s Day!


Jason, Tara and the kids came by yesterday to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  Tara made me this fabulous smelling soap and milk bath!  Can’t wait to try it out!!   Mother’s Day with Amie is happening when I get back from Texas!!  Going to see my Texas Bestie and Ree Drummond!  Thank again Tara & I love the jar and scoop too!

More Belley Birthday F.U.N.


Belle & Auntie Amie

We’re all singing “Happy Birthday” and she doesn’t see Mom coming!

Blowing out her “3” candles on her sunflower cupcake.

Me & Bubba (Owen)

Smashing the Cowgirl Boot Piñata

Daddy helping open gifts.

Her & I Loveeeee The Trolls!

The latest addition to the Run-A-Muck Ranch . . . Meet Norman!  A Mini Holland Lop Bunny

Our happy little 3 year old!

F.U.N. @ Belley’s 3rd Birthday!


Belle & Gabi

GiGi & Pete

Tara – The Hostess with the Mostess!!  Everything was perfect!

So cute!

Popcorn Corn Husks

Kid’s Drink Station – Strawberry & Chocolate Milk

Decorated bags with the Kid’s names to collect candy from the piñata!

Auntie Amie & Uncle Matthew

Me, Auntie & Belley

Belle is 3!!!!!


Oh my word this girl is tooooo much!!!! Happy Happy Birthday to my Belle!  Can’t wait for your party this weekend!

Yep! Daddy & Grandpa/Granny Vice got her a dirt bike!!!!

Owen bought her a stick pony – she lovesss pink!

And Mommy got her some new Cowgirl Boots!

James Wesley Weaver


One on my dad’s brothers passed away a couple weeks ago,Uncle James.  He was always around when we were growing up.  I was in California over this last weekend for his funeral.  It’s “soul refreshing” when you have a chance to be around family!  We were either crying or laughing the whole weekend (and totally stayed up wayyyyy too late chatting!)

Napoli’s Pizza!!!  I’m telling you this is the best pizza and salad on the planet!!  My sister (Angel) & her family took me there Thursday night and I cannotttttt wait to go back!

And this is how “Hotel de Palmer” rolls for brunch!  My brother Randy just started working at Domain Carneros and we found out Lyndon & Marsha have been members there for over 15 years!

My cousin Marsha and her hubby Lyndon (Lyndy baby, better known as Chef-boy-r-dee!)

My brother Randy & Sally

My oldest nephew Jeff & his youngest Kaelynn (my brother’s son)

My youngest nephew Ryan and his youngest Olivia (my brother’s son)

My oldest niece Kendalynn (my sister’s daughter).  I didn’t get pics of my two other nieces, Katie & Khloe OR my little cutie pie Great-Niece Acelynn!

Easter F.U.N.


The Easter Egg hunters have arrived!

Yahoo she found one!

Good eye Owen!

Nice collection of sugar, lol!

Amie & Owen

Looking for the “Golden Egg”!  I put a restaurant gift card in a golden egg for the grown-ups to find  . . .

Nope, not under the pillows . . .

Winners of the 2017 “Golden Egg Hunt” . . . $25 to Buffalo Wild Wings!

“Pick up Sticks” & a “Barrel of Bunnies”

Happy Easter!

Easter Projects & Grandkids


Owen had his Spring Break from school a couple of week ago so I took a day off from work and had my grandkids over for some Easter projects!  First we made Easter Bunny pots from clay pots,  a little paint, some felt for ears and some googley eyes.

Owen is too cool for school and Belle is screaming “cheeeeeseeeeee”!

Then we made some Bunny Race Cars out of Twinkies, mini cookies, yogurt covered pretzels & Peeps!

Belle concentrating!

Had so much F.U.N. with these two!! (Both project ideas courtesy of . . . . yes, Pinterest!)