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Cali Wedding


I was in California last week for my nephew’s wedding.  This is the happy couple & their daughter, little Kaelynn at the rehearsal dinner – which was crazy yummy authentic tacos!  I’m still thinking about them, lol.

Helping Jeff with his tie.  Check out that concentration – I needed my glasses, lol.

The Weaver Men – Jeff, Randy & Ryan.

Waiting for the wedding to start – such good looking guys!

Jeff watching Kaelynn coming down the aisle in her little escorted wagon.

So cute!

Here comes the Bride!

Having wayyyyy too much F.U.N.

My sister Angel & I after our dancing marathon – hair is up!

Vintage Market Days – Treasure


How cute is this little truck painting!! I love it and it’s a perfect match for my bathroom inspiration wall.

So cute!!

Her stuff is really adorable.  She’s the artist and her husband makes the frames.  Their story is very touching.  Here is a link to her blog:


Vintage Market Days – Score!


I had so much fun with these ladies on Friday (Amie, her mother-n-law Diane and her sister-in-law Kayla)!  We attended “Vintage Market Days” in the Springs.  It’s a group of local and out of state vendors that specialize in vintage finds and one of a kinds.  They travel throughout the states and they’ll be back in December.   We’ve all decided that we’ll be back too!

I’m building an outdoor bar on one of the concrete pads I had poured last year and I’ve been wanting metal bar stools with backs.  These were exactly what I was looking for!!  Love them.  The lady I bought them from said she bought them from some guys in a fraternity.  She said they were probably their nana’s, lol.  Perfect for my farmhouse – can’t wait to give them a makeover!

Love the detail and they’re actually very comfortable.

DIY Coasters


I’ve been wanting to make these coasters for my son for awhile.  I finally remembered to buy the tiles last time I was in Home Depot.  You only need 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ tiles (Home Depot 76 cents ea.), Mod Podge, a sponge brush and scrapbook paper, cardboard or even a photo.  I used the cardboard from beer 6 packs – they’re so colorful.

I cut the cardboard in 4″x4″ squares.  Applied Mod Podge to the tile and also to the back edges of the cardboard.  Pressed the cardboard onto the tile, then I turned them upside down and put some weight on them with a box of tile grout I had sitting in the mudroom.

After they set for a few minutes I applied 2 coats of Mod Podge to the tops.  Each coat in a different direction. (don’t judge my crooked cuts, lol)

I added some self adhesive felt bumpers to the bottoms and that was it!  Love them and so did Jason!

I’m addicted and want to make more, the possibilities are endless, lol! (Using postcards from a vacation trip would be awesome too.)