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Still Snowing!


Oh my gosh – I opened the front door a couple of hours ago and it wasn’t this bad!! The wind came up and now I have a drift of over a FOOT of snow!

Oh, hello little rooster! I forgot you were there, lol.

It always blows my mind when the snow is suspended in the air by just sticking to itself. My front porch has a pergola and there is nothing but air in between those 2×4’s. Crazy!

Our Newest Addition


Our little Lyla James was born the end of August and what a little blessing!

I can’t even tell you how excited Ellie was when Lyla came! She is absolutely the most loving and caring sister I have ever seen in a toddler!

On her way home from the hospital!

Since I’m sooooo behind on posting – here is a picture of these two cuties taken in December. Lyla is 4 months old and Ellie is 4.

Interior Doors


While I was in the process of painting the front room, I decided to paint all my interior doors. I still had a gallon on my darker gray/Fashion Gray left over from first painting the front room and since I was going lighter on the walls I used the darker color for my doors.

I was a little chicken to paint my white doors, but I love the contrast!

New Flooring


You know what it’s like when you decide to start a project but realize it kinda opens a can of worms?! Well I was finally ready to pull up the carpet in the front room (14′ x 22′). Wellllll if I was going to change out the flooring I thought I should lighten my gray walls. The flooring was going to be darker than the beige carpet so I wanted to lighten up the room a bit. The old/darker color is Behr Fashion Gray – the new/lighter color is Behr Natural Gray. So first things first. Paint!

Side note: I do love the new lids! They come with their own pour spout!

So painting and ripping up carpet had to be done in stages. I pulled up carpet and painted one side at a time, moving all my furniture to the other side of the room.

My new flooring – 18 cases – is Pergo Outlast Vintage Tobacco Oak from Home Depot. It already had the underlayment attached! Love! Final pictures will probably come when I finish the fireplace – everything is always “in progress”! LOL

What A YEAR!


It was time to pull the trigger on repainting my house. The guy who originally painted didn’t do the right prep and the paint was falling off in chunks. The neighbors down the street decided to paint their house gray soooo time for a change.

After the new painters primed the house I did consider painting it white for ONE minute – but the house was white when I bought it and it was actually blinding when the sun hit it.

So, happy and fun it is!! The color is Endless Sea by Sherwin Williams and the door is Lotus Flower Pink!

Crazy – but I love it!! And I also replaced all the old windows.

Zinnias – OMGeeee


I’ve never planted flower seeds before. My daughter-in-law encouraged me to try it! I purchased the only 2 packets of Zinnia seeds I could find at Home Depot and seriously, pushed back the dirt in a line with my finger, sprinkled the seeds, covered the seeds up with the same dirt I pushed away and kept up with my watering. This pic with the seed packets was taken on May 15th.

I started seeing signs of seedlings coming up about 30 days later. I just took this pic July 27th and have been cutting my Zinnias since July 14th!!

These were my first cuttings on July 14th – I was amazed by the little tiny star like flowers around the center! I had no idea!

I cut these on July 27th – so vibrant and happer! The easiest thing to grow, EVER!! The gift that keeps giving. I’m planting more next spring for sure!!!! Absolutely love them!

Peel & Stick Wallpaper


I’ve always wanted to try “peel & stick” wallpaper so I finally decided to go for it! I found this roll on Amazon and loved it.

I have this little wall between 2 of my bedrooms and thought this would be a good practice wall! Wrong!! I chose it because it was a small area and would only take 1 roll, which it did only take one roll. But trying to hang it behind the door trims, which is only like a 1 inch gap, was a pain!!

I love the water color look and love the grays!

I love the way it came out and will attempt it again at some point. I’m not over the trauma drama of it yet! LOL

Crazy Storm


A crazy wind/rain storm blew through Saturday night. I’ve never seen anything like it! Winds were crazy, rain was going sideways and it caused some tree damage! Branches everywhere!

The wind blew the lid off my firepit about 10′ and all my goats went down!! See the one on the right – his head was buried in the ground! LOL The middle goat flew about 4 ft. and was lying in a bunch of water! Nuts!!

Oklahoma Trip


Pawhuska Bound – Only an hour away! Pioneer Woman Love

Owen had just started school so he didn’t make this outing. “The Mercantile” in Pawhuska and several other little shops were on our list. The upstairs bakery in “The Mercantile” is a must!

New candy, old candy and ice cream – perfect pitstop!

Back at home, this girl loveeessss going to the pond/lake with her dad, catching tadpoles, little minnows & tiny snails.

Jason is in his element! Fishing from the water’s edge or in his kayak, catch and release! The lake is just down the street from their house, just for the local homeowners.

“Mad Eats” – this place is awesome! I’d seen this giant shakes in their pictures and couldn’t wait to see them in person. They are huge and delicious!!! Looking forward to going back to this place – their brisket nachos were amazing!

So excited I got to be out there for Owen’s 14th birthday!! Time really does fly! A little top golf and pizza was his birthday wish!

Shortly after this trip, Belle has taken up golfing. She’s going to a golf camp and goes out golfing with mom and dad. I think she’s a natural! LOL

I miss these two living closer but Oklahoma is perfect for them! So excited to watch them grow up out there and see where their lives go! xoxo

Belle Day


Belle and Tara were visiting from Oklahoma last month and I got her the day!

We always like to do a project when she’s over so a quick trip to Hobby Lobby did the trick!

How is it that grandkids grow up so fast! Seems like just yesterday when we were making twinkie bunny cars with Owen!

Seriously!! Where has the time gone!