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ColorStreet – French Manicure


This is my own wrinkley hand . . . Julie came over yesterday and put the french manicure on me. I could have done it myself but she volunteered!! So duh

This is what the set comes with: All sets come with 2 alcohol swaps and a file – the French Sets come with 2 sets of tips & 2 sets of clear strips.

Ok, first notice Julie’s pretty nails!  Love them! In this pic she already put the french tip on and filed, now she’s layering the clear coat.

One done – 9 more to go!

Ta daaaaaa!!!!! LOVE!!!!!

If you’re interested in these for yourself, I’m hosting a party where Julie will give a demonstration & tips on how to apply them.  She’ll  also have samples for you to try. Just let me know!  If you can’t come or can’t wait (because they’re so fabulous) – my party is already open online – you can place an order and they’ll ship directly to your house – $3 shipping whether you purchase one set or twenty.  Here is the link – when you check out just click on City Girl Farms/Ronda’s Nail Bar . . .


These are the Greatest! Color Street Nails


A friend of mine is a consultant for “Color Street”.  These are actual nail polish strips that go on in a minute.  One of the BEST THINGS . . . . I put them on before I went to bed and woke up with NO sheet marks! LOL

Depending on how long your nails are, you could get two nails out of one strip.  A set of solid colors is just $11 . . . they even have french manicures! And you can use them on your toes!   I’ll be hosting a “Nail Bar” Party for her so if you’re interested, let me know.  Here’s Julie’s link:

Introducing . . . City Girl Farms Photography!!


Soooooo I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  I use to be in loveeeee with photography but then kids and life happened.  I’ve decided to get into it again so I did my first photo shoot over the weekend!!  Sarah (Amie’s bestie) & her husband Justin brought over their girls for me to do a test run . . . . here are a few pics I wanted to share.

Little Ridley is just a month old.

She looks like a little snow angel.


Matching p.j.’s were a must.

This is my favorite . . . Reece stole the show! LOL  I told her I thought Tinkerbell might be in the lantern. (There was nothing in the lantern. I added the special effect when I edited.)  Thank you Sarah & Justin – it was a blast!

Please Pray


The fires are raviging the beautiful hills of Napa!  I have family and friends that are struggling with the devastation that is consuming the Napa Valley.  Please pray for the winds to die down, for the smoke to clear and the fires to stop.  The air is heavy with smoke and hard to breath.  Friends are not sleeping for fear of needing to evacuate in the middle of the night.  Praying for safety and peace for you all. xoxo

Harvest Party 2017 – WINNER


Yahoo!  The cook-off this year was “Pulled Meat”.   Chicken, beef or pork and we had a great variety.  The judges picked Laura Ruch’s Pulled Pork!  Laura is a good friend and was actually my realtor when I bought my little farmhouse.  If you need a realtor she’s the best!!!!  Way to go Laura!

Harvest Party 2017 – Downpour!


So this happened right after I announced the cook-off winner (more tomorrow)!  It started pouring and never let up!

I didn’t have a “Plan B”.  Thank you to the Bayless boys and everyone else who pitched in and moved the food into the barn! It was nuts – I remember Brian saying to me “Hey Ronda, move your car out of the barn and we can move the food in there – I just stood there like a deer in headlights!  My first thought was – oh noooo, there are spider webs in there!  My second thought was – there are NO other options! LOL

Everyone stayed and just put up with it, lol!!!  Thanks for that great fire Tim!

Thanks to Shelley, one of my neighbor’s (not in this pic).  She brought over 2 of her pop up tents!

These were the table runners that were totally soaking wet!  Drying out in the guest bathroom . . . wet burlap really doesn’t smell that great, lol.

And all of the pennants laid out to dry!  Everyone just made the best of it and still had a great time!  Thank you all!!! xoxo

Harvest Party 2017 – People Pics – Before Downpour


I had 33 adults and 10 kids!!  These are the only pics we got before everyone had to run for cover!

My little Belley Boo coloring.

My daughter, Amie & My Mom

Diane Bayless and her 2 granddaughters

Johnathon & Kayla Bayless and their daughters

Amie & her bestie, Sarah

Sarah’s daughter, little Reecey

Tractor full of pumpkins!

Brian and his granddaughters.  That’s Pete in the background with my neighbor Barb.

Matthew & Amie