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Rhubarb Plants


A friend of mine was getting rid of her rhubarb plants – so I’m giving it a shot.  I have 2 and planted them in front of my pumpkin patch fence.  I actually think they’re going to make it, LOL!   A little hail damage but I can see new growth.  I’m looking forward to making some rhubarb & strawberry jam this summer!  Thank you Sue!!!!!



Need I say more???? Yes I feel like a grown up – cool air coming through those vents – sooooooo fabulous and every room in the house is actually the same temp, lol!  I want to give a shout out to Ken Avery and his crew from Great Peaks!   They did an awesome job – all done in one day – very professional, very friendly and very respectful!!  Highly recommend if you need any HVAC work done! 5 stars for sure!!

We ARE Fam . . a . . lee!


I have known this sweet lady and her family for over 40 years and today we actually become SISTERS!  Denise and her family lived in the same neighborhood we did and we met during Junior High School (Middle School).  We have been besties over the years and TODAY my brother, Randy and her sister, Sally are getting married!! Wish I was out there to celebrate with you all.  Happy late “Siblings Day” Sis! LOL   xoxo   Hugs & kisses to Randy & Sally!!

“Deer Ears” Mini Session


Just a reminder . . . here are my stinkin’ adorable deer ears . . . . . get yours here . . .

Meet Ahnalys (Annalise)!  She is too stinkin’ cute!!! I had so much fun photographing her . . . she’s a natural!! I’ll be posting more pics of her on my photography blog . . . be sure to check them out!


Valentine Editing


I spent the afternoon yesterday editing some pictures I took of Little Robert during his Valentine Mini Session.  I’ll be posting his pics all week on my photography blog . . .  check them out: