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Lake Granby


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I went up to Lake Granby last week with my friend, Maurene.  We took a short hike in Grand Lake to Adams Falls and then a bit further to this meadow where we came across a baby moose!  We had a great time, so pretty, quiet and peaceful.  There is nothing like the Rocky Mountains!

Two Tons!


Time for some more rock!  Got the area de-weeded, rearranged the stones and added some Hostas plants.


Two tons!  you can’t tell but the rock up against the concrete is fairly deep and then slopes towards the stones.


A huge thank you to Hepner!  He and his wife are friends and he always helps me with my rock!  Thanks Paul

Cali Trip – St. Helena


One of my girlfriends (Sherry) came & picked me up at my brother’s a couple days after the wedding.  We went “up valley” (I was in Napa) to St. Helena for some shopping, wine tasting & food.  I grew up in Napa and remember driving by this motel everytime we went up valley.  It began as a religious retreat in the 1940’s and changed into an art deco motel in the 1950’s.  Well the rooms are totally updated, very nice and very clean.  It’s located right off the highway as you enter into St. Helena and they have a continental breakfast with pastries from Butter Cream Bakery (which is a well known bakery in Napa).

It’s a really cute property, lots of huge trees.  If you’re ever in Napa and traveling “up valley” to do some wine tasting, look into to staying here!

They have a swimming pool (not huge), a separate hot tub and also a sauna.  It’s surrounded by lush greenery and a large hedge of jasmine.

Anddddddd if you’re looking for a great place to eat – Tra Vigne Pizzeria!!!  You could walk there from the motel.  I’ve been there once before and couldn’t wait to go back.  It is delicious!!!!  Sherry and I had the garlic rolls “Saporito”, they’re truffle french fries with aoli and a simple salad with a lemon citronette dressing.  Oh my word – they alllllll were sooooo delicious (the pizza is also fantastic)!  The hotel is on the left side of the highway and the restaurant is tucked in behind a building on the right side – just about a block north of the hotel and over the railroad tracks.  You won’t be disappointed!!

We also drove up to Calistoga for some wine tasting.  Sherry’s friend Lydia and her family have a winery just outside of Calistoga and a store front on the main street (Lincoln Ave.) in Calistoga for wine tasting.  It was great!  Cute little shop with wine and trinkets.  We each brought back a bottle (not from this list) lol.  I purchased their “Farm Worker” Chardonnay.  It’s a great, light, fruity, not too sweet summer wine.  We had a great time “up valley”.  Be sure and stop by their place!  Calistoga is just up the highway from St. Helena.

Olivia Tye Soap Co.


While I was in Texas we went out to the ranch.  Jena (Robin’s daughter) showed me how she makes her goat’s milk soap. I love this stuff – so creamy, dreamy!

Getting things ready – that’s Jena and the little muffin girl is her youngest daughter, Olivia – which is who the soap company was named after. We’re out in the shop making the soap.

First we add the goat’s milk which Jena freezes until needed.  Olivia decided to help and steal one for herself to eat.  Frozen like a popsicle, she loves goat’s milk.

Setting the goat’s milk aside . . . she then added all the oils.  That solid one on top is the shea butter.

While the oils were coming up to the right temperature, she added the lye to the goat’s milk which produces a heat reaction that helps melt the milk.

Once the oils & milk are within 10 degrees of each other, it’s time to add them together including the essential oils (in the little bowl).

Smells soooo good – she’s making Lemon Poppyseed so once everything was combined she added the poppy seeds.

Then she poured the soap into the molds.  See the little poppy seeds?

Yay!  She’ll leave it in the molds for 48 hours, then remove them and let them cure before she cuts them and gets them ready to ship out!  Thank you Jena it was really fascinating!  So fun to see the process – love your soap!!  Here is Jena’s link if you interested:

Sign Language by Laura


Laura is a friend of Amie’s and we love Laura.  Besides being an overall great person, she is a sign maker!  I have some of her holiday signs and I was lucky enough to have her make me a custom sign for my bathroom – because it’s my favorite place in the whole house.  I gave her the dimensions and the color ideas that I had and VOILA!!!  It’s gorgeous! It’s perfect! And it’s exactly what I wanted!!!  Thank you Laura!!!

Here is her Facebook page – she does random “Restock” sales where you too could have an awesome sign!  She lives in the “Springs” so if you live locally and you’re lucky enough to get one of her signs I could probably get it up here for you.