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ColorStreet – French Manicure


This is my own wrinkley hand . . . Julie came over yesterday and put the french manicure on me. I could have done it myself but she volunteered!! So duh

This is what the set comes with: All sets come with 2 alcohol swaps and a file – the French Sets come with 2 sets of tips & 2 sets of clear strips.

Ok, first notice Julie’s pretty nails!  Love them! In this pic she already put the french tip on and filed, now she’s layering the clear coat.

One done – 9 more to go!

Ta daaaaaa!!!!! LOVE!!!!!

If you’re interested in these for yourself, I’m hosting a party where Julie will give a demonstration & tips on how to apply them.  She’ll  also have samples for you to try. Just let me know!  If you can’t come or can’t wait (because they’re so fabulous) – my party is already open online – you can place an order and they’ll ship directly to your house – $3 shipping whether you purchase one set or twenty.  Here is the link – when you check out just click on City Girl Farms/Ronda’s Nail Bar . . .


Introducing . . . City Girl Farms Photography!!


Soooooo I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  I use to be in loveeeee with photography but then kids and life happened.  I’ve decided to get into it again so I did my first photo shoot over the weekend!!  Sarah (Amie’s bestie) & her husband Justin brought over their girls for me to do a test run . . . . here are a few pics I wanted to share.

Little Ridley is just a month old.

She looks like a little snow angel.


Matching p.j.’s were a must.

This is my favorite . . . Reece stole the show! LOL  I told her I thought Tinkerbell might be in the lantern. (There was nothing in the lantern. I added the special effect when I edited.)  Thank you Sarah & Justin – it was a blast!

Pumpkin – Fence Pickets


Here is another fence picket scraps project.  I laid down 5 fence picket scraps and drew a pumpkin on them.  I used my jigsaw to cut the shapes out, one picket at a time and then I numbered the backs.  Clamping the boards down was helpful in the cutting process.  It was hard to hold them and cut them at the same time.

Then I took my orbital sander with the heavy grit pad (I don’t remember the number grit) and sanded all the rough edges.

Then I bought some orange and green outdoor acrylic paint at Joanne’s (the kind with the flip tops).  I squirted some into a cup and added water, then applied with a sponge brush.  I still have some exterior deck stain so I lightly rubbed all the edges and a bit over the orange and green.  It drys pretty quickly.

I then used wood glue and my nail gun to attach strips to the back to hold them together and to the bottom scrap for a stand.

Voila!! How stickin’ cute is that!!

Sweet, Spicy and Smokey Dry Rub


I try to give a little “thank you” whenever I’m hosting a gathering.  Since I’d decided on a “pulled meat” competition I thought I’d make some dry rub meat seasoning for a little gift.

I found these cute little kraft boxes at Hobby Lobby and I made the tags on my computer using a “business card” template.  I forgot to take a picture of all the spices but I just put everything together and used a mini food processor to combine.  Then I scooped them into tiny baggie type bags and then put the bags of seasoning into these boxes.  Here’s the original link (  & recipe:


3/4 cup of light brown sugar
2 tablespoons of salt (I used Lo Salt reduced sodium alternative)
1 tablespoon of chipotle chili powder
1 tablespoon of smoked paprika
1 tablespoon of garlic powder
2 teaspoons of ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Directions:  Place everything into a mini food processor, Vitamix or you can mix by hand or by adding everything to a tupperware container with a lid.  Process until well-combined.  Store in a container with a lid for up to 6-9 months.

This can be used on chicken, pork or beef.  Rub a generous amount on the meat and refrigerate for best results up to 24 hours or a minimum of 1 hour.  Place the meat on a hot grill and cook until desired temperature is achieved.  Enjoy!

5 Little Pumpkins Sittin’ by the Fence


How cute are these little guys!

I have about 10 harvested and another 5 still on the vines.  My crop wasn’t as big this year but still have few to give out at my Harvest Party this weekend.

Tin Foil – Wood Boxes


I have a few projects in my mind to use up a bunch of fence picket scraps I’ve been storing, here’s one of them.  The fence picket scraps are 3 1/2″ wide and various lengths.  My Harvest Party is this weekend and I wanted something cuter to put some tin foil trays in.  I’d seen something similar on Pinterest a long time ago.  These are the large bread tins you use at Christmas time for your give-away banana bread.

The long sides and bottoms are 8″ long and the ends are 5″ long.  The fence picket scraps were not wide enough for the bottom piece so I had some scrap siding laying around that  happened to be the perfect width.  I just cut it to 8″.  Then I used some wood glue and my finish nailer (well my 10 year borrowed finish nailer, lol – thanks Wayne!).

Not sure if I’ll stain them or just clear coat them but they will be the perfect size for pickles and hot peppers.