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It’s a Sign! LOL


I am in love with my new metal sign!   It is absolutely perfect!  This pattern was already a stock pattern and the barn is exactly the shape of mine!  They have a ton of great options, even holiday options.  The metal is a great weight, no sharp edges and didn’t take long to receive it.  Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to hang it – there are a couple options, lol.

Love Mason Jars


I’d say I have a slight addiction to Mason Jars and when there is a new shape or new color or new size – I kinda need them! LOL

How stinkin’ cute are these “fluted” mason jars! I found them at my grocery store, King Soopers. Perfect for flowers or cute drinks! Ahhhh they make me happy, lol.

Pantry DONE!


I found some old pictures of the “now” pantry when it was the original mudroom.  They’re a little blurry/grainy but you can get the idea.

You can see the linoleum flooring and under the shelf is where the washer and dryer were.

The room is about 8’x8′.  That door was the original back door before I did the addition.  That’s the same door that I used for “new” red pantry door.

Here is the “after”.  Finally got all the beadboard up and trimmed out.

Yep – that was the back door!


Palisade Peach Jam


I haven’t had the opportunity to make Palisade Peach Jam in a couple of years – but this is one of my favorite things to do, make jam!  The peaches are big and sweet!

I just use the Certo Liquid Pectin recipe that comes in the box.  It actually took 6 large peaches to yield the 4 cups of fruit I needed. Recipe says it’ll make 8 cups but I always get more?  This batch made 10 cups.  There is nothing like homemade peach jam on pancakes or waffles! Yum

Solar Gazing Ball


One of my girlfriends had one of these in her yard and I just had to have a couple.  They’re solar gazing balls and I found them at Lowes.

They are like crackled glass and it does have a green tinge to the glass but they are don’t have this yellow glow to them.  Here you go . . . (had to get closer)

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I think I want moreeeeeee! LOL


Stained Glass – Kinda


This is actually a “picture window” I bought from Hobby Lobby, probably 4 years ago.  It was sold as a picture frame – it’s suppose stand on the end (short side) and you could put 5×7 pictures in each pane of glass.  I just haven’t had a place to hang it when the light bulb went on in my head after a mistake I made!  I had purchased this window film from Home Depot: and I had every intention to use it on the upper window of my kitchen window (I have a curtain on the bottom half) – well I cut it wrong!!! I’d always wanted to hang a piece of stained glass just like this but figured the window film would be much cheaper and it had great reviews.  Wellll the scrap I had left over (from cutting it wrong) turned out to be a blessing in disguise!  I remembered I had this “picture window” so I took all the sample photos out of it and cut the scrap window film into 6 pieces!  It really was sooooo easy to do and it looks soooo real!

Here’s a close up pic.

I purchased these hook & eyes – pre-drilled the holes in the “picture window” frame and the frame of my real window.

Turned out pretty darn cute!! And it was cheap!! The window film was $23, picture window was free and the hook 7 eyes were $5!!  I love it when a mistake turns out better than you expected! 😉

10 Weeks


This was March 19, 2020

This was May 31, 2020!

10 weeks of working from home and now it’s time to go back!   I went back on June 1st and I gotta say . . . as nice as it was to walk from my bedroom to my computer w/o makeup  . . . I’m actually happy to be back at work!! LOL

Vintage Tea/Coffee Pot Glam


How stickin’ cute is this!  I found it at “Traegan Architectural Salvage” in Milliken!  Cute place too and some fun stuff!  Thanks for the invite Christa!! Here’s a link to their Facebook page:

Perfect spot!!! Love it!


Garden 2020


I finally got my garden beds planted a couple of weeks ago.

3 Tomato plants and 3 Bell Pepper plants  – Hoping for a good harvest of bell peppers for a batch of pepper jelly!

Lettuce & Spinach plants – I’ve planted lettuce by seed in the past but decided to go with plants this year – good decision!


More cuteness!

Garden from a distance

Lemon Thyme – This stuff smells amazing!