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City Girl Farms Photography


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Wood Pedestal – Baby Shower


I bought this wood slab at Joann’s along with these 4 wood furniture feet.  The balls are flat on one end so I used wood glue to attach them to the bottom of the slab and used this left over stain to stain them.

I’ll use it for other things but made it for the baby shower.

Can’t wait to use it!  Maybe for the champagne glasses?

Baby Shower Set Up


My car was loaded this weekend (2nd trip) with baby shower stuff.  The shower is next weekend and little Miss Ellie Grayce will be here in just a couple of months!!  So much F.U.N.!

Happy Anniversary!!


Happy 3rd Anniversary to my daughter & my son-in-law!!  What a F.U.N. day that was indeed!  So much fun with family and friends.  Now, 3 years later they are expecting their 1st baby!!  Many blessings to you guys as your new adventure begins!! xoxo

Kitchen/Bar – Done!


Done! Well technically I have to seal the grout & add some caulk.  I realized I didn’t take pics of the back sooo that’s still coming.  Those are the vintage bar stools I bought last year and redid.

Grouted and all the paint touched up!

Yep! That’s a checkerboard!! Between the 2×2 tile checkerboard and the 4×8 tiles – I didn’t have to cut ANY tiles and that was the plan!

And those are my left over Aspen tree branches!!  Next project – I need to paint the checkers!


Kitchen/Bar Counter Top Trim


I found some of that poly trim stuff at Lowes in the perfect size.  The 1/2″ plywood + 1/4″ cement board + 1/4″ tile =1″ and the trim is 1 1/8″ tall – perfect!  I used liquid nails and some tape to attach it to the edges.  Grout, caulk & touch up paint to go . . . .