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Tin Foil – Wood Boxes


I have a few projects in my mind to use up a bunch of fence picket scraps I’ve been storing, here’s one of them.  The fence picket scraps are 3 1/2″ wide and various lengths.  My Harvest Party is this weekend and I wanted something cuter to put some tin foil trays in.  I’d seen something similar on Pinterest a long time ago.  These are the large bread tins you use at Christmas time for your give-away banana bread.

The long sides and bottoms are 8″ long and the ends are 5″ long.  The fence picket scraps were not wide enough for the bottom piece so I had some scrap siding laying around that  happened to be the perfect width.  I just cut it to 8″.  Then I used some wood glue and my finish nailer (well my 10 year borrowed finish nailer, lol – thanks Wayne!).

Not sure if I’ll stain them or just clear coat them but they will be the perfect size for pickles and hot peppers.

Kids’ Picnic Table – Painted


I had several ideas on how I wanted to paint the kids’ picnic table but decided to go with a bright, happy color.  This is Behr’s Aqua Fresco.   I had Home Depot match it in their Behr Solid Color – Waterproofing Stain & Sealer.  Just need to flip it over and finish the underside.  I put 2 coats on the table top & benches.  Love – such a happy color!


DIY – Kid’s Picnic Table


I’m laughing because as I went to find the link I used for this table, I realized I put the legs on the wrong side of the supports!!  LOL  Anywho,  as I’ve mentioned before, I have a lot of scrap wood in my barn.  I also have some 2×4’s that my neighbor gave me because they were starting to warp.

This is where I just realized I messed up.  The legs should have been on the other side of those supports.  Now I understand why my center support was shorter than it was suppose to be, lol.  Well . . . it looks good and should be ok?! right?!

I had pressure treated wood left over I used for the table top & enough of the warped 2×4’s to use for the rest.

Just need to stain or paint it!  Here’s the original link – it’s an Ana White project:



DIY Bench


I have a lot of scraps left over from my porch build and since they’re all pressure treated scraps I decided to build a little bench for my porch.  I found a super simple DIY bench plan on Pinterest, here it is:

I made a few modifications so it’s not exactly by the plans but it turned out pretty good!  I painted it with some left over “red barn paint” by Behr.

So cute! Annnndddd thank you to my girlfriend Tammy in Cali who sent me a sweet surprise – a Home Goods gift card!!  I picked out that very cool black metal lantern!  Thanks Tammy!!!!!  I found the pillow and flowers at Hobby Lobby and the ceramic vase was clearance at my grocery store!