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Digital Background by Modern Market


This is the original picture I took of Miss Reece and added a slight blur to the background.

This is the same pic but with a “digital background” download I purchased online through Modern  I love the sparkle!!

Here is one I took of Miss Ridley.  I blurred the background and added sparkle lights to the Christmas tree.

Here is Miss Ridley with the sparkle background! She’s just too sweet!


Here is the Modern Market website . . . . she has some beautiful photography:

Introducing . . . City Girl Farms Photography!!


Soooooo I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  I use to be in loveeeee with photography but then kids and life happened.  I’ve decided to get into it again so I did my first photo shoot over the weekend!!  Sarah (Amie’s bestie) & her husband Justin brought over their girls for me to do a test run . . . . here are a few pics I wanted to share.

Little Ridley is just a month old.

She looks like a little snow angel.


Matching p.j.’s were a must.

This is my favorite . . . Reece stole the show! LOL  I told her I thought Tinkerbell might be in the lantern. (There was nothing in the lantern. I added the special effect when I edited.)  Thank you Sarah & Justin – it was a blast!

Fall Mums


This is the only picture I could find that showed the mums I planted last year before the Harvest Party.  See them in the background on the left.  I purchased 3 of them on clearance for $1 each.

THIS is one year later!!!  I took this pic over the weekend.  I couldn’t believe – #1 that they actually came back after winter – #2 That they were actually a beautiful full rounded green bush all summer – #3 Alllll the blooms!!  Mums are my new favorite perennial, low maintenance and full of color.  😉

Yard Yahtzee


I found this wooden dice game clearanced at Michael’s for $8!!  I decided to give the dice a couple coats of polyurethane (I had it on hand) to help preserve the dots.  Knowing this would be used outside and knowing that I don’t have any grass in my backyard, I decided I needed to make a box to use for rolling the dice.  I figured they wouldn’t last too long rolling them on concrete, lol.

I decided to make the box 2’x4′ so I bought (2) – 1″x4″x6′ boards from Home Depot.  Cut 2′ off of them and screwed the boards together to make the box.  I had a piece of scrap plywood laying around so I cut it to size.

I laid the frame upside down to fit the plywood.  Then I glued and screwed the plywood to the frame.  I have a ton of these screws left over from adding my addition.

Just like I say in scrapbooking – save your scraps!  I had this piece of outdoor carpet rug stuff leftover from my daughter’s bridal shower (I used it for a backdrop).  So I cut it to size and used my staple gun to attach it to the plywood bottom.

A little paint and voila!  Can’t wait to use it!

Pioneer Woman – Betsy


I came across these in Walmart the other day when I was looking for mason jars.  Oh my word – cutest jars EVER!!!  I love the colors on the lids – perfect for my pantry – also love the embossed pattern!!  They’re each 16 oz. and sold in a 4 pack for less that $10 – LOVE!!  Here’s the link on Walmart:

Happy Friday!