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Fire, S’Mores & Friends


Men & fire . . . . reallyyyyy????? Dude can you put the lid on that so you don’t melt my lights hanging overhead????!!!!!!

 Friends, Wine & Appetizers = “Friday Night Flames”

What’s a bonfire without marshmallows??? Whoops – somebody grab the graham crackers!

Loveeee this color!


First – I love this product!!!!! “Color Street” and second, I love this color – Upper East Side!!!  I’ve posted about these before and if you’re tired of doing your own nails and waiting for the polish to dry or you’re tired of spending $$$$ on getting you nails done  . . . check these out!!!

New Plumbing – Not F.U.N.


So the shower in the guest bathroom wasn’t working – water was just dribbling out of the shower head.  I was hoping it just needed a new tub spout and new diverter . . . WRONG!

Besides the sheet rock under the panel being bad around the faucets – the whole shower fixture needed to be replaced!

New copper piping, new fittings, new fixure – woohoooo – not how I thought I was going to spend my weekend, lol.

But all done!  So no worries if you coming to visit!!  It’s not pretty (yet) but it works!  😉