Pantry Barn Door


I had planned on hanging the door higher (like my other barn door) but realized this door was too short.  So I had to remove the support board I’d originally hung (above the door frame) and added a smaller one adjacent to the door frame.

This was the lowest I could hang it and it’s still going to be shorter than normal but I reallllly wanted to use my old vintage door, so it is what it is 😉   Then I painted the wall and door trim so it was fresh and clean.

Taa daa!!  I loveeeee it!!  It did take 3 coats of paint, lol.  You can’t tell in this picture but after I hung it I realized the door is totally caddie-whampus.  I’d known that when it was my original back door that it had a weird piece of trim down the side of it but I never thought twice about it!  The door itself is crooked!  It hangs level, the barn door rod is level, my roller brackets are straight, but the door is totally crooked!!  Oh well, one of my friends said it adds character, LOL.  I’m going with that!

The dead bolt is orignial, I just cleaned it up and put it back on.  I’ve had this door knob for 5 years (bought it from Home Goods), just waiting for this day!  It’s the perfect touch for my caddie-whampus door 😉


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