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WOW Me Wednesday – Iced Coffee


This is the first batch of the season and let me just say . . . “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it . . . I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!!”  You will toooooo, here’s the recipe – it’s actually adapted from The Pioneer Woman’s Recipe for Iced Coffee . . . .




I love snapdragons and I’m usually too late to purchase them by the time I think about buying some.

I had to make a run to Home Depot for some paint for my pantry barn door and I saw these! Yahoo! Oh, and looking at this picture is a friendly reminder to myself to re-paint the pumpkin patch fence, lol.

Pantry Barn Door


Since my Kitchen is finally finished I figured the next project should be finishing the pantry.  My Pantry use to be the mudroom and this was my exterior door.  I’ve had the door stored in my barn since I did the addition because I knew I had to use it somewhere and like Ben & Erin from “HomeTown”, I too like a little dinge, lol.  I decided to use it for my pantry.  The way the pantry is set up I couldn’t really have a door that swung in or swung out due to the big hole (door) in the floor to the crawlspace.

So I’ve decided to use this as a barn door to the pantry that I’ll hang on the inside of the doorway as opposed to the outside of the doorway – because that’s my only option, lol.

This door is unbelievably heavy – this old wood is tongue and groove – so cool!

I removed all the hardware and now it’s time to get to sanding – some dinge is really not necessary! LOL  Annnnddddd look what I found in my bag of tools – yep, that’s a N95’er 😉



SCORE! I made a run to the grocery store yesterday after work – I was happily shocked when I saw Charmin TP!!  I could only buy one but I’ve never been so happy to see toilet paper! LOL  It’s been at least a month since I saw TP on the shelves AND they had Bounty Paper towels – WOW – it was a win win kinda day! LOL

Ohhhhh YES I Did!



Since I had to go to my office today to pick up some stuff . . . I wassss already out so I thought I’d stop by and support one of my local small businesses! LOL    This week – Left to right: Chilled Sugar Cookie w/Cadbury Mini Eggs, Chilled Coconut Lime, Caramel Popcorn and last but not least Buckeye Brownie – You’re Welcome LOLLLLL

My New Office


Ok, I’m swamped at work but wanted to show you my new office.  We recently moved out of the construction trailers to a real office building – just down the street.

Still have to add a few doo-daas to my shelves but I love my desk.  And having two monitors is the only way to go!

Love my little coffee area. Found my artwork, pig pic and the coffee cup holder at Hobby Lobby.

Had to show you a close up . . . I added some rhinestones to her flowers to catch the light, LOL.

Pantry Update


So I it’s been awhile but time to update you all.  Since my kitchen re-do is technically done, I thought it was time to work on the Pantry (my old mudroom). This is the old mudroom after moving the hot water heater, washer & dryer out of it.  Jason and I went to Bud’s Warehouse (a few years ago, lol) and bought these old cabinets and countertop. He put these in for me back in 2016.

There’s always a plan – it just takes awhile to execute it, lol.  And though it still is a work in progress, it is progress!  I have a piece of sheet linoleum that I will replace this nasty stuff with as soon as the weather gets better.  I would have loved to continued the flooring from my kitchen into this room but it would be too heavy for the opening to the crawl space, so linoleum it will be.

I took the old door trim off because the cabinets came to the edge. I will replace it with new trim and my plan is to hang a barn door inside the pantry.  I want to be able to close it off (because sometimes is a “catch-all) room and there really wasn’t room to have a door that swung in or swung out.  I kept the old “back door” to the house before I did the addition and it’s going to become the pantry barn door – later (way later) on that one, lol.

I finally painted those old cabinets!  It’s amazing what fresh paint can do!!  Because of the weather I haven’t had a chance to replace the old linoleum yet so here’s a pic of the new rug I found on Overstock! Because of the space I wanted a 5×5 square rug and this one was perfect. I love the blue greens and soft hints of yellow, it’s soft and plush – I love it!!!  The rug is: Safavieh Evoke Candi Distressed Vintage Boho Rug (couldn’t add the link).  It only took a jar of sample paint from Home Depot to do the face of the cabinets!  It’s Behr’s “Longmeadow” in interior semi-gloss.


WOW Me Wednesday – A little late!




Tara won 1st Place in our Homemade Soup contest at my annual Harvest Party.  Not only is this soup delicious but she took it over the top with homemade grilled cheese croutons (not the goldfish, lol).  Here is her recipe!  Just click on the link:

Cream of Tomato Soup

P.S.  If you don’t follow her blog you should – everything she makes is delicious – for reals! xoxo

Kitchen – Countertop is IN!


Wholly schmolly!  I soooo love it!! Plumber is next!

Seriously, I have not had this much countertop in 5 years! Actually, I don’t think my other house had this much!

Tile backspash after the holidays (from Lowes).

My countertop – Home Depot Quartz – Cortina