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Christmas Red Truck Minis – Coming Soon!


I hung out yesterday afternoon – “propping up” my neighbor’s little red truck.  Getting ready for some “Christmas Red Truck Mini Sessions” TBA! So fun!

Christmas! Too Soon?


I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I have to think ahead to be ready!  It’s time to start thinking about your Christmas Cards, just say’in!!  Found these super cute props for my upcoming Christmas Photo Sessions @ Kirklands! LOVE

How Cute? So Cute!


I found these cute little photography props at Hobby Lobby!  Yes, they have alllll their Christmas stuff out already and I was the only one buying, LOL.  Looking forward to Christmas Card Photo Sessions!

City Girl Farms Photography


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Vintage Firetruck – Gift!!


How stinkin’ cute is this!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the families that I photographed gave this to me for my business!

Just need to get a bell for the front end & maybe I’ll make a little ladder for the side hooks?!  I just love it!!!

Soooo sweet – thank you Jill!!

Photography Prop – Rustic Bed


I’ve always said, “save your scraps”!!  Whether they’re wood scraps or scrapbooking scraps – you never know when you might need them, lol.  These are some of my wood scraps left over from the deck, the porch, and some fence pickets.

I took some of my left over 1″x3″ pine boards, cut them all to 15″ and screwed them into some support boards which were 2″x3″ scraps.  These tree scraps, lol, are left over from an aspen tree that died at my old house.  I just love the look and all the knots, so I saved them lol and I was happy I did!!

I cut the aspen scraps down to 17″ and screwed them into the support boards.  Looks like a little fishing dock, lol.

Perfect for a photography newborn bed! Love it!