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Studio Progress


I finished all the wall insulation about a week ago.

Then I hired out the drywall – they did the door wall and the two window walls.

Drywall done! The rest of that insulation is for the ceiling, which will be after I shiplap this whole wall.

I’ve been working on the shiplap after work.  Now I need to go get more boards.  I loveeee putting up shiplap!!  I highly recommend at least one wall of shiplap in every home!! LOL 🙂


Studio Interior


I love how the walls have my name on them.

The electrical is just about all pulled – just have to cut the hole for the exterior light and pull wire to that fixture.

I’ve started on the insulation – all the studs (ceiling also) are 2×4’s so I’m using R-13 Pink paper sided insulation for 2×4’s that I purchased from Home Depot.  Almost done with the insulation. I’ll end up covering this back wall with shiplap and the other 3 walls with drywall.

I’ve said this before, but I’m telling you, you can learn just about anything from YouTube!! LOL One of the videos I watched talked about using an insulation knife – I thought seriously, lol – I’ll just use a box cutter.  Welllll when I went to Home Depot to buy the insulation they had the knife there and it was only $10 sooooo I bought it, lol!!  Let me just say – best purchase!!!! This Husky Insulation Knife cuts that insulation like butter!! Highly recommend! 😉

Merry Christmas to Me!


This is the east side of my barn which use to be my “pumpkin patch”.  My pumpkins never got very big because it just didn’t get enough sun & my kids are growing their own now – so . . . time to move on, lol.  I see this space when I pull into my driveway and I wanted something to block the neighbors lean-to back there and something more pleasant to look at.  Remember this is a work in progress.

So Merry Christmas to me!  I purchased a Tuff Shed that arrived on Christmas Eve.  It’s their Premier Pro Ranch model and it’s 12’x14′.  I will use it for my photography studio.  It will be so awesome not to have to set up in my living room anymore!

The Tuff Shed crew included 3 guys and from the time they started to the time they finished – this was built (windows and all) in 3 hours!

Time to start electrical and insulation . . . . 🙂


Lemon Heaven – SanPellegrino


So my daughter introduced me to this little slice of heaven!  I love anything LEMON but not so much on sparkling water.  I just don’t care for carbonated water.  I was presently surprised when she gave me one of these to try.  The perfect lemon flavor with such soft bubbles.  I’m telling you when I drank my first one it seriously reminded me of Italy.  When I read the box and it said “made with Italian lemons” – it was spot on!!  I don’t why, but Italian lemons just taste brighter, LOL.  If you like lemons – you’ll love this!!

It’s a Sign! LOL


I am in love with my new metal sign!   It is absolutely perfect!  This pattern was already a stock pattern and the barn is exactly the shape of mine!  They have a ton of great options, even holiday options.  The metal is a great weight, no sharp edges and didn’t take long to receive it.  Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to hang it – there are a couple options, lol.