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Soooo, I’m in the backyard chatting with my neighbor on the other side of our fence and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a cat.  I was shocked to see 2 chickens cruising around!  At first I thought, oh my word how cute is that, thennnnn I saw that they had dug up some of my plants!!!! Punks!!!  Chased them out and saw that they came through the fence behind my barn.  I had a piece of plywood that I stuck up against the area they came through . . . we’ll see!

Kitchen Sink – Delivered!


Yahoo my sink is here!  Dang, I was totally impressed that it came in it’s own fabric bag!  I feel like I’m unwrapping a Kate Spade Bag! LOL

Comes with the two heavy weight sink rinse grids (drying racks), template, mounting clips and basket strainer/drain assembly.

I loveee the short divide in the middle – so much easier for washing dishes (well, rinsing dishes).  30″ wide, 19″ front to back, sinks are 10″ deep and the middle is 4″ lower. Here is the link if you’re interested:


Kitchen – New Drywall


Shiplap!! LOL  So I made the decision to take down the old drywall and insulation.  I was actually surprised to see that there WAS insulation behind the old drywall because in the winter my dishes in the cabinet on this wall were always so cold I’d put them in the microwave before putting food on them!

This was the insulation – I love that I could still see the label on the insulation made right here in Colorado.

I had a can of that spray foam so we filled all the cracks and any open spaces.

New insulation is up and I decided to add a moisture barrier because it’s an exterior wall AND because several people told me I should.  I ended up choosing a roll of 6 mil plastic (which is what the internet suggested)! LOL

Drywall done! More to come . . .



Kitchen – West Wall


My neighbor came over and helped me get the uppers and the pantry out and moved to the barn.  Then my electrician friend came over and unhooked the conduit running through the old cabinets that powered the dishwasher & garbage disposal which I added about a year after I moved in.  I still laugh because the old dishwasher had to be rolled over to the sink and hooked up to the faucet.

And yes, that’s wallpaper I found behind the pantry!

You knowwww, I watch them demolish kitchens on HGTV all the time, but when it’s in your own house . . . gross!!  You don’t even want to breath in, lol.  Plumber coming to fix pipe in the wall and sheetrock is coming down!

Kitchen Update


Jason came over and helped me put up my cabinets on the stove wall.  It was soooo nice to have someone else figure it all out!

Oh my goodness.  It doesn’t even look like my house, lol.  I’m so glad I did the white uppers and gray base cabinets. I AM STOKED!

Kitchen Re-Do Progress


These are the cabinets I’m putting in my new kitchen.  They’re Hampton Bay Shaker Cabinets I’m doing 42″ uppers in white and the base cabinets are Dove Gray. This particular white cabinet is not 42″.  It’s a “24” bridge cabinet that will go over the stove.

Here is my hardware.  I like to have “pulls” on the drawers and “knobs” on the cabinet doors.  Also from Home Depot.  More to come!