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Hummmmmm . . . .


1st, look beyond the very poorly watered grass and check out the fence.  So, I have a neighbor who’s a hoarder.  For reals!  They actually don’t even live in the house on the other side of this fence, they live about 30 minutes away.  They think I turned them into the county but I didn’t.  So one of the many things he’s hoarded is fence sections, I had no idea, lol. Because he “thinks” I turned him in, he started trimming all of his trees and jammed these fence sections up so I couldn’t see his yard, LOL!  Good news is . . . I have a new fence!

WOW Me Wednesday!


Hadddd to show you these! Wow, wafer cookies have come a long way!  No more plain vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.  Voortman wafers actually come in several fun flavors.  I think I saw Key Lime too.  Soooo yummy! Your welcome.

Finally, Some Flowers!


I’m telling you between having a horrible cold for 3 weeks and it raining . . . I was finally able to plant some flowers.  My Daylily is doing fantastic, so I bought a couple more.  It’s coming together!

Smash & Splash . . .


So I’m photographing a “Smash & Splash” this weekend! Found this at Costco . . . makes some awesome bubbles!

Smash = 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Splash = Bath Splash after the smashing of the cake, lol