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3D Printer


First of all . . . I see a princess photo shoot in her future! This sweet little girl & her family came by for a visit last weekend.  This gorgeous dress was given to me by a friend for my photography business (thank you Marka!!)  Soooo take note of her little pink crown!  Her dad made it for her on a 3D Printer!!! How cute is that!!!  I’m placing an order immediately!!  LOVE

Christmas! Too Soon?


I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I have to think ahead to be ready!  It’s time to start thinking about your Christmas Cards, just say’in!!  Found these super cute props for my upcoming Christmas Photo Sessions @ Kirklands! LOVE



What a blessing!!!  While I was away helping my daughter & son-in-law with their sweet little 2 week early baby girl, I turned 60 years old!  My daughter, unbeknownst to me, emailed my family and friends and asked them to send her one or two thoughts/memories of their relationship with me over the years.  Amie handed me this jar on my birthday and told me she was hoping to get 60 responses.  She got way more than that!!!!  And because her laptop doesn’t have “word” she had to hand write every single one of them, cut & fold them into strips to fit into this jar.  I read EVERY single one of them, and cried through most of them, lol.  WHAT A BLESSING! I told her it was the best gift ever!!!!  THANK YOU AMIE and to all of you who sent her thoughts/memories.  I laughed, cried and was touched by all of your sweet words that I will dearly hold onto! xoxo

Tea Party


This is Ahnalys and she is turning 6!!  Ahnalys and Belle became friends over the summer and Belle was invited to Ahnalys Birthday Tea Party.

And what a tea party it was!  They had hats, gloves and pearls for all the girls.  Scrumptious sandwiches and tasty treats!

Beautiful little girls!  Belle had a blast!

Fire, S’Mores & Friends


Men & fire . . . . reallyyyyy????? Dude can you put the lid on that so you don’t melt my lights hanging overhead????!!!!!!

 Friends, Wine & Appetizers = “Friday Night Flames”

What’s a bonfire without marshmallows??? Whoops – somebody grab the graham crackers!

Loveeee this color!


First – I love this product!!!!! “Color Street” and second, I love this color – Upper East Side!!!  I’ve posted about these before and if you’re tired of doing your own nails and waiting for the polish to dry or you’re tired of spending $$$$ on getting you nails done  . . . check these out!!!

“Thank You”


I want to give a shout out to my daughter-in-law, Tara for making the soaps for our “thank you” favors for Amie’s baby shower.  She did 5 different colors and 5 different scents!  They were beautiful and smelled wonderful!!  I bought thank you cards (Joann’s) and cut the cover of the card to fit into those cellophane bags you can get in the baking section at Joann’s.  Then I made the tag cards using a “business card” format on the computer and just tied them to the bags.  You have to check out her website!!!!  She’s does a fantastic job and is always posting a yummy recipe!!!  Follow her here . . .


Baby Shower – Blessings!


Sooo cute!  Amie’s mother-in-law, Diane made this diaper cake!

So many blessings already delivered for this sweet little one coming in October!