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Baby Shower – More . . .


The cake is by “Cakes by Karen” in Northglenn.  It was yummy!!  Amie wanted strawberry cake and it had Bavarian cream inside with buttercream frosting.

I found these hanging metal shelves on – love them! There are actually 2 of them – one is on the other side.


This was our “thank you for coming” table – it’s hard to tell but the flower wreath has fairy lights in it.


The basket is filled with homemade soaps by my daughter-in-law (more on those later), they were thank you favors for the guests.


This is actually Amie’s bike – I filled the basket with hydrangeas and made the welcome sign.  We had it on the porch as guests arrived.


I found this adorable “free download” sign and tags on Pinterest:


Here was the set up – hard to tell from the pic but there are fairy lights intwined in the greenery and roses.

Baby Shower – Food


Amie’s baby shower was Saturday and we had some delicious food – quiche, fruit, chocolate croissants, sausage rolls, potato casserole and lemon cheesecake croissants. YUM


City Girl Farms Photography


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Some Friday F.U.N.


Breaking in the new bar with friends!

Belley was here for the weekend and this is Simone – Chip & Meg’s granddaughter.

Getting dark . . . time to break out the s’mores!

Good job on the fire pit Chippey!!

Rhubarb Plants


A friend of mine was getting rid of her rhubarb plants – so I’m giving it a shot.  I have 2 and planted them in front of my pumpkin patch fence.  I actually think they’re going to make it, LOL!   A little hail damage but I can see new growth.  I’m looking forward to making some rhubarb & strawberry jam this summer!  Thank you Sue!!!!!



Need I say more???? Yes I feel like a grown up – cool air coming through those vents – sooooooo fabulous and every room in the house is actually the same temp, lol!  I want to give a shout out to Ken Avery and his crew from Great Peaks!   They did an awesome job – all done in one day – very professional, very friendly and very respectful!!  Highly recommend if you need any HVAC work done! 5 stars for sure!!