Cake Pops or Cake Balls


I love my Babycakes Cake Pop/Ball maker and Pancake Pen (that’s the tube in the background with the green lid).  I bought the Babycakes maker at Kohl’s some time ago and I found the Pancake Pen at Home Goods.  I made these for Amie’s birthday last month.  Her favorite cake mix is Funfetti so I made the cake mix from the directions on the box and put the batter in my Pancake Pen.

I sprayed the maker with a little Pam Spray and filled the 1/2 circles with cake batter.  The Pancake Pen makes it so easy.

About 8 minutes later!  I carefully pop them out with the little fork thing that comes with your kit and let them cool in the tray (also in your kit) before moving to parchment paper.

This is what happens when you over fill – you get Saturn Balls!  It’s really no big deal – you can easily break off the Saturn ring.

I prefer making the balls over making pops – they’re just easier to handle and they can fit in cupcake liners for a cute display.  I just melted some Wilton pink candy melts and dipped the balls to coat.  Then back onto some parchment paper to cool – add some sprinkles if you like while the coating is still warm. The cake mix box yielded about 60ish cake balls.  Love these little tidbits!

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