Fermentation has begun!


Yahooooo!  Maurene is babysitting my Harvest Cab 2017 and she sent me this video, LOL.  She has all the wine making equipment so everything’s at her house in her laundry room.  She’s wrapped that blanket around the bucket to insure it stays around 75 degrees.  We added the yeast the same day we started the batch.  The yeast is what induces fermentation which makes it percolate and during the fermentation process the gases are released through that bubble thing on the top.  It will continue to perculate for a couple of weeks.  Then we’ll add a few more goodies, pour it into the “Carboy” and let it ferment a bit longer before we bottle it.  Can you hear it?  It’s like a little heart beat, LOL.  The only thing missing for you is the aroma 😉


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