City Girl Farms Makes WINE!


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Woohoo!  I’ve been hoping to do this for about a year.  My friend/co-worker Maurene has been making her own wine for a couple of years now.  I think she’s on her 5th batch.  She starts from a wine juice kit, does the whole fermentation thing and then bottles it herself.  I’ve been the recipient of a few bottles and it is very yummy!  I bought my kit online through “Maker Vintner” and I chose a Cabernet Sauvignon.  She’s helping/teaching me how to do it and last night we started my batch.  This is sooooo fun and not difficult – a little stressful because you don’t want to mess it up but Maurene’s a pro at it.  I’m making this batch for my 2nd Annual Harvest Party in the fall.  The batch will produce about 30 bottles of wine, so I’ll even be able to use some for Christmas gifts.  I’m considering buying the equipment to do it myself – we’ll see how this goes, lol.  The good news is IF I do purchase the equipment and start doing it on my own I have a cellar in my barn that I can store it in.  The cellar is under the floor where I park my car and it’s all concrete so it would really be conducive to storing wine.  I need to investigate this a bit further though – in the meantime – here we go with my FIRST batch – City Girl Farms Harvest Cab 2017!!  Here’s the link to “Maker Vintner”:

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