Did You Know?


IMG_1344Yahooooo!  I’ve finally found a little baby pumpkin growing!  I honestly have been a little panicky thinking I wasn’t going to get any pumpkins.  My plants are growing like weeds and I’ve seen many blossoms but no pumpkins.  I went on a “pinterest” search regarding pumpkin growing – DID YOU KNOW that pumpkin plants have both male and female blossoms?? I didn’t!  I knew the bees needed to come around to pollinate them but seriously – what exactly does THAT mean?  So, the male blossoms shoot off the plant on a long stem and they are huge.  It’s the female blossom that produces the pumpkins.  The female blossoms stay closer to the vines (not on a stem) and the “bees” buzz around collecting pollen from the male blossoms and then they buzz over to the female blossoms and ta-dahhhh – I have baby pumpkins!  Who knew?

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Hi, I'm hoping that my blog and my experiences will help to encourage you. Our journey through life can be unpredictable at times but KNOW that if you are a believer in Christ, HE will always have your best interest at heart! (Even when things don't make sense!) Toodles

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