Tree House Bed by Jason Benson


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Just When you thought the braggin’ was over . . . the “Dynamic Duo” strikes again!!

Oh my word – Jason seriously blew me away!! He designed and built this Tree House Bed around Owen’s old bed, hung a Swing & built a Tree Book Shelf around the soffit in the corner of Owen’s room.  Tara painted all the rolling hills on the walls by hand! The Bookshelf that’s in the bed is actually a “secret entrance” to the area below.  Jason attached the bookend to that darker piece of wood which inserts into the notch on the side.  When Owen wants to enter his secret “Boy Cave” he just slides the bookend to the right and the door swings open!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!Unbelievable!!  So proud of you guys!!! Great job Jason & Tara!!!

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  1. JUST STOP!!!! I CAN’T! I am packing my bags and moving in! I LOVE IT! I would LOVE to build something like this for the kids! I want all the details! Tell Jason he is amazing! WOW!


    • Oh I didn’t even bother reading what you wrote, I just went right to the pictures. Now I see that Tara did all the wall paintings. She did a beautiful job! You showed me her art work for the babies room and that was amazing too. She needs to get on Etsy now so I can buy some of her artwork. Again…WOW!


  2. Absolutely AWESOME and so clever!! You have every right to brag – and should! What a GREAT team these two make…. lucky Owen and soon to be here baby-girl-Benson to have them as parents!!!


  3. I can’t get over Jason’s building skills. The detail in the finishing work looks like he has been doing it for years. And with Tara’s painting ability I see a future family business. Maybe he could be like the “Master Tree House” guy on TV and people will hire him to come their home, design and build projects like this one. Go Benson Family Builders!!!! I see a logo too….


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