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Kitchen/Bar – Done!


Done! Well technically I have to seal the grout & add some caulk.  I realized I didn’t take pics of the back sooo that’s still coming.  Those are the vintage bar stools I bought last year and redid. https://gettinmycountryon.com/2017/07/27/vintage-bar-stools-redo/

Grouted and all the paint touched up!

Yep! That’s a checkerboard!! Between the 2×2 tile checkerboard and the 4×8 tiles – I didn’t have to cut ANY tiles and that was the plan!

And those are my left over Aspen tree branches!!  Next project – I need to paint the checkers!




I just want to give a shout out to “Ryobi” . . . I bought this 4 piece Ryobi set about 3 years ago from Home Depot – https://tinyurl.com/ybg3wqjs.  Being a DIY’er I absolutely love these tools.  Not super fancy but they are super DIY friendly.  The batteries are all interchangeable and this little 5″ blade circular saw is the best, lightweight and no cords.  I dooooo love my tools, lol.  Oh, I’m cutting some hardie backer cement board for my bar top – I’m putting this 1/4″ backer board over 1/2″ exterior plywood before I can tile, in case you were wondering. LOL