Front Yard!!


When I moved in almost 7 years ago, I was moving a sprinkler every 15 minutes because my house has NEVER had a sprinkler system. I gave up moving the hose a couple of years ago. I also have never had any decent water pressure. So to make a long story shorter – I found a well guy – he was able to add enough air to my water pressure tank so it could service a sprinkler system.

Ignore the paint falling off the house – that’s another story, lol. This is the front of the house before calling E & M Landscaping in Brighton. Efren and his crew seriously had their work cut out for them. They removed all the dirt/grass, weeds, dead 6′ trees and dug a brand new sprinkler and drip system!

My attempt to start a border and use mulch.

This was day 2.

This is the side yard.

Side yard complete!

E & M Landscaping did an awesome job!!! New sod, new border, new rock, and new sprinkler system! I’m beyond happy with their work & great communication. It’s just soooooo nice, I feel like it looks like a home!

Side note – a front yard fence was not in the budget, so I purchased new black vinyl chicken wire and spray painted the green stakes – looks sooooo much better! Thanks for the idea Sherry!!

One day a nice “real” fence would be nice? LOL

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