New Pantry Flooring


So this is a picture of my pantry linoleum.  I would have loved to carry my kitchen flooring straight into the pantry, but the standup crawlspace door is in the middle of the floor.  And it’s already as heavy as can be.  So in order to not add anymore weight to the floor door I decided to go with a piece of sheet vinyl linoleum.

My Home Depot sells 6×8 sheets for $25 and I like to use them for my photography flooring.  The size was just what I needed for this space.  Cutting it was a piece of cake – getting it down was a bit of a process.

I had read about this 2 sided tape and I wanted something for gripping the linoleum to the subfloor, but I didn’t want to glue it completely down. This stuff was perfect – my problem was pulling the flooring back and then laying it back down over the extremely sticky tape.  I should have “weighed” down the 1/2 that wasn’t taped – because it slipped and then I was praying and cussing at that same time!! Once this stuff sticks – it STICKS! Well it was all fixable but lesson learned!

This is the floor door to the standup crawlspace.  This part was not fun but got it done.

Not to shabby!  And after putting this down I realized it was the perfect solution in more ways than one – I realized how un-level the floor actually was.

I have to say – I was totally surprised when I took this picture because I was shocked at how good the lines actually lined up! Sweet – even thought it’s totally covered by a rug, (inner satisfaction) lol.

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