Baby Shower Prep Has Begun!


If you know me at all, you KNOW that the prep began wayyyy before now, lol.  We have these chalkboard signs that were used for Amie & Matthew’s wedding just about 3 years ago.  Tara (my daughter-in-law) did an amazing job on alllllll the wedding signs.  You can still see how cute this one was.  They’ve been stored in a plastic tub in the loft of my barn.  I guess the chalk stuff baked on in the heat.  This board is already wiped down with a wet rag.  Guess I should have cleaned them before I stored them, lol.  Any-who,  I went to Hobbs (Hobby Lobby) and found this small acrylic black “chalk” paint!

Voila!! Just like new and ready for the baby shower!

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