DIY Knob Hanger


I’ve been wanting some knobs in my closet to hang clothes on.  I had some pink crystally knobs I found clearanced at Hobbs a couple years ago.  Had a couple knobs left over from the shelf I hung in my bathroom and bought a few more at Hobbs last week when they were 50% off (Hobbs = Hobby Lobby).  Also found this pre-made wood slat hanger for $18 (using my 40% off coupon, of course, lol).  It was worth $18 to me NOT to have to go buy the wood, chop the wood and sand the wood.

I painted every other slat with simple craft paint.

Then Modge-Podge’d scrapbook paper onto the other slats.  Just squirted the Modge Podge on and smoothed it out with a sponge brush.  Once the paper was down I added a Modge Podge coat to the top and also a coat to the painted slats so they all had the same matte finish.  FYI – printed cardstock was a bit better to use verses regular scrapbook paper.  The paper worked just fine but if you’re a picky – the paper can wrinkle (i thought it added more character) but the cardstock is thicker so it didn’t wrinkle.

Then I took it outside to my work table, better known as my picnic table and sanded off the edges and a bit off the top of the boards.

I wanted them to look a little aged so I added some “Burnt Umber” paint (it’s outdoor paint but I already had it).  I watered it down a bit but that wasn’t enough. So . . .

I sponge brushed it on the edges (red board) and then used a wet paper towel to wipe it off – wiping over the whole board.  The floral on right is already done.

These boards are brown washed.  It’s kind of like scrapbooking when you rub the edges of your paper with a brown ink pad. The sheen is still on the boards from the Matte Modge Podge but the edges look a little worn with the brown paint.

Got my drill & paddle bit out and added my knobs!  LOVE IT!!!!

Here are some close up pics . . . It’s a very easy, fun and not expensive project to do!  This pre-made wood slat is about 30″ long but Hobbs has a great variety of pre-made wood projects. I want to make more!!!

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