Ryobi Level & My Closet


Amie & Matthew bought this for me for Christmas.  I love it!!  It makes my life so much easier when I’m trying to hang something on my wall that requires level nail holes.  Because my house was built in 1958 there is no texture on the walls which is good and bad.  Good = easier for painting & Bad = shows every imperfection.  However, this “Ryobi Airgrip Laser Level” works perfectly on my non-textured walls!  It works on a couple of AA batteries and you just put it up against the wall & turn it on . . . it has an electric suction thing that sucks it right to the wall.  The laser then shoots across the wall making every nail hole perfectly level with the other.  Love this thing! http://tinyurl.com/mahqbjm

I found this mirror clearanced at Hobby Lobby for $25 and it hung on one nail.  The shelf, however, required two nails so my Ryobi level to the rescue!  I also found the shelf at Hobby Lobby it was $10 which was 50% off – always wait for the sale, lol. I actually spray painted it – it was brown metal before.

Love my little mirror & jewelry corner.

It’s perfect for holding my everyday stuff.

Sweet little plant (fake) I found at “The Barn” in Castle Rock.

Sweet little “Willow Tree” figure my mom gave me when I had breast cancer surgery 5 years ago. Thanks mom!

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