Somebody Got A Welder for Christmas


Tara bought Jason a welder for Christmas.  He made these lamps and liquor dispenser!!  The first one turns on/off with the valve handle on the right.  The “Chain Lamp” has a sensor – so you can touch anywhere on the chain and it will turn on, then touch again for brighter, then again for brightest – like a 3 way bulb!  The third one is a liquor dispenser that turns on/off with the valve as well.  Jason continues to blow my mind with his creativity!!!  He and Tara (with all her talents) are going to start selling their creations on ETSY.  Stay tuned for more!

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      • ok, they need to put a business plan together and a webpage and start selling, tell them to stop showing everyone unless they get a Paten for these. They are amazing…they could take this on shark tank and get someone to back them too…T

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