Shelf/Towel Rack


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I bought this shelf awhile back from Hobby Lobby.  It’s the perfect size for this wall in my Mistress Bathroom.  I wanted to add some cute knobs to hold my towels because I don’t have a towel bar in there.  I also bought the knobs from Hobby Lobby (they have the best knobs!) but the backs are always wayyy to long.  Jasoni had done something similar and told me “mom, just use a spade bit to hollow out the back and then cut off the threads with bolt cutters”.  Ok, first what is a spade bit and can I borrow your bolt cutters? LOL   It was way to hot this weekend to be outside working so I attempted to work on the bathroom shelf.  I first drilled holes in the shelf to get the threads of the knobs through, then turned the shelf over and used the spade bit in order to get the bolt flush with the back of the shelf, then cut off the excess threads with the bolt cutters.  Worked perfect!! Thanks for the advice and the bolt cutters, Jason!

P.S. This is IMPORTANT!!!  Before you cut the threads, place the knob and mark the threads where you want to cut them.  Remove the knob from the shelf and thread the bolt back on below the mark to cut (bolt is closest to the knob).  When you cut the threads you can remove the bolt, which will in turn re-thread the end you just cut off.  I used needle nose pliers to remove the bolt from the cut off end, kind of go back and forth with the bolt a few times before you remove it.  😉

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