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I am totally obsessed with these 3 things:  my corner clamp, my large rolling cart and Spax screws!  Since the weather has been so fantastic (well, last week) I started working on some “outside” stuff.  I began my potting bench over the weekend and it’s coming together quite nicely.  I have a bunch of wood scraps still in my yard so I pulled out some 2×4’s and some 4×4’s from the pile and starting cutting.  I keep my saw on this cart I found at Harbor Freight.  I love that whenever I need it I just pull the cart out of the barn and set it up.  I also lovvvveeee the “corner clamp” I found a few months ago (also Harbor Freight).  It came in super handy this weekend trying to screw 2×4’s together, it holds the boards tight and keeps them square at the same time.  My other obsession is Spax screws, my son told me about them.  I imagine their more expensive butttt you don’t have to pre-drill!!! They are heaven in a box, lol.  I did however, have a tough time trying to screw the 2×4’s into the very old and very dry 4×4 posts from the old back porch.  I remembered a tip from Wayne – rub a little soap onto the screw and try it again – like butter (Thanks Wayne)!!!  Bar soap or liquid soap it doesn’t make a difference (I had liquid – Bath & Body’s Mint & Eucalyptus, lol).  Now I just have to get some 1×4’s for the top and bottom shelving and paint it 😉    I’m including the links for the potting bench (Pinterest) and the clamp, cart and Spax screws:

Potting Bench:  http://tinyurl.com/hrq8hmo

Corner Clamp @ Harbor Freight: http://tinyurl.com/6uxaslb

Large Cart @ Harbor Freight: http://tinyurl.com/z9czy6d

Spax Screws @ Home Depot:  http://tinyurl.com/jgbjd5q


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