Pennant Banner Tutorial


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Ok, I love these banners! Super simple.  I’ve tried to go step-by-step which may seem like a long process but seriously it’s really easy!

All you need is: 5 Fabric Quarters (Joanne's) = 25 flags 7x9
2 Packages Extra Wide Double-Fold Bias Tape(2 banners)

Here we go . . .

– open up your all your squares & press them in half lengthwise

– then cut them all in half, lengthwise

– line up your fabric on a cutting mat

– place your ruler or cutting guide at 7″ on the top and then 3 1/2″ at the point (your point is 1/2 the distance as your top measurement)

– cut your left side – then move ruler/cutting guide to the right and make your right cut

– continue to make cuts with a 7″ top & 3 1/2″ bottom – you’ll get 5 flags from each pattern

– stitch along the lengths of your flags (not the tops)

– I decided to continue stitching flags together & snipping them apart later (saves from stopping after every flag)

– leaving approx. 12″ at both ends of your bias tape, place flags inside the bias tape & pin

– for the wedding flags I decided to space them apart 6″ (cause the tent is 40′ wide) but you can place them corner to corner

– sew the entire length of the bias tape

– you’ll end up with 12 flags per banner tape if you place them corner to corner OR 7 flags per banner if you place them 6″ apart

Hopefully this all makes sense . . . if not, here is the original link which is super helpful too!

And remember it’s JUST a party banner!! Don’t make yourself crazy if your cuts aren’t perfect or your stitching is straight, (that was MY mantra, lol)

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