YESSSS, It’s That Time Again!


Yesterday it was 84 degrees here and the warmest day since probably last November!  I was grocery shopping Saturday and a most brilliant idea crossed my mind . . . it was time for Iced Coffee!!! Seriously, it makes me smile in the morning knowing that I have Iced Coffee to come home to after work, LOL!  If you haven’t tried it yet THIS could be your first summer sipping along with me.  I normally use generic coffee “Breaksfast Blend” but I had some Starbucks coffee I hadn’t opened yet so I used it instead.  The vanilla flavor was a bit sweeter & ohhhh sooo delicious, but you can use any coffee you want.  Directions below . . . (if you search “coffee” on my blog, I have a tutorial I posted last year)

I normally make this either in the morning before I leave for work or before I go to bed.  It should “cold brew” about 8 hours, don’t get crazy on the time – give or take 8 hours.  I always put mine in the fridge for the 8 hours but you can just leave it on your counter.  All you have to do is add the water to the coffee grounds, let it brew (sit), strain and voila! I use 1 1/4 cup coffee grounds to 8 cups of water.  When the liquid gold is ready . . . add ice, sweetener, a bit of milk and a bit of 1/2 & 1/2 . . . ENJOY!!! (original recipe comes for

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