Help, please! Deck Repair


Summertime is around the corner and my backyard deck is in need of a makeover! I would love to replace all the deck boards with something like TREX but, yeah that’s not going to happen – too much moola.  So I found an alternative solution . . . there are these two products at Home Depot.  I prefer to use Home Depot because I have a gift card there 😉 . . . I’ve done the research, read the reviews but it just seems like it depends on who you talk to, soooooo I’m wondering if any of you have used either of these products or know of someone else that’s used them??? I thought I’d try out using a “poll” . . . thought it might be fun and would love your input!! If this poll is successful maybe you can help me pick out the color 😉

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  1. I will ask my neighbors son. He is putting in a New Deck at my moms, but I am sure he knows about these products. I will let you know! But if it was just me….BEHR! 🙂


  2. We are in the process of redoing our deck and I haven’t heard that these last very long. But don’t take my word. That was just hearsay from my husband when I showed him those products as an option. Possibly look on line at reviews. Or even the youtube vidoes to see how they work.


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