“The Power of Vulnerability”


Dr. Brene Brown was one of the speakers last week at the conference I attended. She’s originally from Texas and what a hoot!! She’s spent the past ten years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame.  Her talk was insightful and touching.  I personally have struggled with being “vulnerable” whether in love or just asking for help.  I have experienced being in love and being 100% vulnerable in it.  What a freedom it gives you . . . taking the risk that it might not work out but still giving it 100% is a feeling that leaves you with no regrets.  The asking for help part . . . last year when I went through my breast cancer . . . it brought me to my knees.  My life was tidy and put together and then it wasn’t.  Asking for help became a bit easier for me, even when I was just asking for prayer. Being vulnerable sucks, for me, it’s not my first choice, LOL.  Sometimes even writing this blog  makes me feel vulnerable . . . but I have learned to become more comfortable with it. I’ve downloaded Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” to my iPad and have just begun reading it.  It’s great and I would totally recommend it.  I’m including this link to one of her TED.com talks . . . take the time to listen to it, just 20 minutes of your time, and let me know if it makes an impact on you! Enjoy!!

(if it doesn’t load for you here is the link: http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability)

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Hi, I'm hoping that my blog and my experiences will help to encourage you. Our journey through life can be unpredictable at times but KNOW that if you are a believer in Christ, HE will always have your best interest at heart! (Even when things don't make sense!) Toodles

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