Twilight – Confessions


220px-Twilight_(2008_film)_posterYes, I may lose some of you after you read this, but the truth is I am a “Twilight” fan.  One of my girlfriends & I finally had a chance to go to the movies this weekend and we saw the last installment of the Twilight series called “Breaking Dawn”. “Twilight” is a series of books written by Stephanie Meyer.  Women of all ages just went bonkers over the books and hence the movies starting coming out in 2008. When “Twilight”, was released on DVD March 2009 it became the most purchased DVD of the year.

My daughter became addicted to these books and the drama between Edward, Bella & Jacob.  When the first movie came out Amie had seen it SEVERAL times and she convinced me to go see it with her one more time.  I hadn’t seen the movie yet or read any of the books but was curious as to what all the fuss was about.  Well I was hooked.   Who doesn’t love an epic love story between a human (Bella Swan) and a vampire (Edward Cullen) – LOL.  I grew up watching “Dark Shadows” (yes I’m that old) when I was a kid, which was nothing like this story.   I was totally sucked in (get it -LOL) to the story line and the special effects.

The love story between Bella & Edward was typical – girl falls in love with the bad boy – the guy no one likes – but he treats her with respect, tenderness and wants to protect her . . .  what girl doesn’t want that??? And did I mention Edward “sparkles”?? If he is out in the sunlight his skin sparkles like glitter!! Now, for a girl who loves bling (me) can you blame me for getting hooked on the vampire??? LOL

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