Smoothies! Yummmmm


Bella BlenderI am not a big breakfast eater,  I’m just not hungry first thing in the morning.  Realizing that I “should” eat something and that “protein” for breakfast is a good thing and in my attempt to eat healthier . . . I am making smoothies for breakfast.  Just whip one up before I leave the house and then drink it once I get to work.  My daughter bought me this mini blender awhile ago so I dug it out from the back of my kitchen cupboard.  It works like a charm and I love that it comes with lids that I just attach to the container and take to work.  I’m attaching the link to the blender – it’s from Kohl’s and normally always on sale . . . if you are on their mailing list and you get their coupons . . .  with your 30% off coupon, you can get it for about $25 – what a steal! Here is the smoothie I made this morning, just like a piece of apple pie (and no sugar):

10 chopped raw almonds
1 banana
1 red apple
3/4 cup greek yogurt (I use whatever’s on sale)
1/2 cup milk
1/4 teas. cinnamon
normally I use . . .
1 banana
3 or 4 strawberries (fresh or/and frozen)
a few blueberries (fresh or/and frozen)
1 small container greek yogurt
a handful of baby Kale (you can’t even taste it!! seriously!!)
1 TBL of honey
1 TBL of chia seeds (kinda like flax)
1/4 c. – 1/2 c. milk

here is the link for the blender @ Kohl’s . . .

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Hi, I'm hoping that my blog and my experiences will help to encourage you. Our journey through life can be unpredictable at times but KNOW that if you are a believer in Christ, HE will always have your best interest at heart! (Even when things don't make sense!) Toodles

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  1. I’m gonna try your recipe. Sounds yummy! I love smoothies and prefer make them myself. I love my banana mango strawberry smoothie the most. To make it more healthier and smoothier I usually add quail eggs. Once I was experimenting and added avocado in my mango banana smoothie and surprisingly taste was good. I like your idea about baby kale, that’s one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet.


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