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Yard Yahtzee


I found this wooden dice game clearanced at Michael’s for $8!!  I decided to give the dice a couple coats of polyurethane (I had it on hand) to help preserve the dots.  Knowing this would be used outside and knowing that I don’t have any grass in my backyard, I decided I needed to make a box to use for rolling the dice.  I figured they wouldn’t last too long rolling them on concrete, lol.

I decided to make the box 2’x4′ so I bought (2) – 1″x4″x6′ boards from Home Depot.  Cut 2′ off of them and screwed the boards together to make the box.  I had a piece of scrap plywood laying around so I cut it to size.

I laid the frame upside down to fit the plywood.  Then I glued and screwed the plywood to the frame.  I have a ton of these screws left over from adding my addition.

Just like I say in scrapbooking – save your scraps!  I had this piece of outdoor carpet rug stuff leftover from my daughter’s bridal shower (I used it for a backdrop).  So I cut it to size and used my staple gun to attach it to the plywood bottom.

A little paint and voila!  Can’t wait to use it!

Pioneer Woman – Betsy


I came across these in Walmart the other day when I was looking for mason jars.  Oh my word – cutest jars EVER!!!  I love the colors on the lids – perfect for my pantry – also love the embossed pattern!!  They’re each 16 oz. and sold in a 4 pack for less that $10 – LOVE!!  Here’s the link on Walmart:

Happy Friday!

Long Lasting Lemons


I had seen this idea on Pinterest and it works.  I was going out of town and had recently purchased these lemons so I thought I’d give it a try.  Nothing to loose cause they surely would have been rotten by the time I returned.  I washed them first and then covered them in water in a wide mouth mason jar.  I did this on July 4th, left on the 5th and returned to town on the 14th.  I actually cut one of them last night – 3 weeks later and it was still perfectly fresh and juicy, great idea.  Here’s the original link:

Simple Outdoor Table


I saw this on Pinterest.  It looked super simple (it was) and I did have another extra plastic 1/2 barrel planter.  So . . . .

I couldn’t find the wood circle I wanted at Home Depot but I did have a couple of these old 3 legged tables I haven’t used since I moved.

I found this huge piece of cardstock/posterboard at Hobby Lobby for $3.

I flipped the poster board over, traced my old table top and cut the circle out.

Then I Mod Podge’d the posterboard to the top of the old table top. (You could mod podge anything to the top or even just paint it) The original tutorial didn’t do anything to the round, they just covered it with wine corks or you could use marbles?

I bought these “bumpers” at Hobby Lobby along with this heavy beveled 24″ glass round that was clearance for $13.50.

I had another 1/2 cinder block that I put inside the barrel to weigh it down (you could use a bag of sand).  I inserted the wood top into the barrel.  Then attached the “bumpers” to the lip of the plastic barrel and put the glass top on.

Voila!!  Simple and functional!  Here is the original link – the wine corks look super cute too:


Olivia Tye Soap Co.


While I was in Texas we went out to the ranch.  Jena (Robin’s daughter) showed me how she makes her goat’s milk soap. I love this stuff – so creamy, dreamy!

Getting things ready – that’s Jena and the little muffin girl is her youngest daughter, Olivia – which is who the soap company was named after. We’re out in the shop making the soap.

First we add the goat’s milk which Jena freezes until needed.  Olivia decided to help and steal one for herself to eat.  Frozen like a popsicle, she loves goat’s milk.

Setting the goat’s milk aside . . . she then added all the oils.  That solid one on top is the shea butter.

While the oils were coming up to the right temperature, she added the lye to the goat’s milk which produces a heat reaction that helps melt the milk.

Once the oils & milk are within 10 degrees of each other, it’s time to add them together including the essential oils (in the little bowl).

Smells soooo good – she’s making Lemon Poppyseed so once everything was combined she added the poppy seeds.

Then she poured the soap into the molds.  See the little poppy seeds?

Yay!  She’ll leave it in the molds for 48 hours, then remove them and let them cure before she cuts them and gets them ready to ship out!  Thank you Jena it was really fascinating!  So fun to see the process – love your soap!!  Here is Jena’s link if you interested:

Bulk Oatmeal


I bought this super cute jar at Home Goods, quite awhile ago.  When I went to Sprouts last week, I originally went to purchase their bulk oatmeal, buying the Creme Lemon Almonds was the bonus!  Their bulk Rolled Oats (same as Old Fashioned Oats) are less than $1.50 per lb.!  I purchased 2 lbs. of oats from Sprouts for less than the price of 1 – 18oz. Quaker Oats container from the grocery store!