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Olivia Tye Soap Co.


While I was in Texas we went out to the ranch.  Jena (Robin’s daughter) showed me how she makes her goat’s milk soap. I love this stuff – so creamy, dreamy!

Getting things ready – that’s Jena and the little muffin girl is her youngest daughter, Olivia – which is who the soap company was named after. We’re out in the shop making the soap.

First we add the goat’s milk which Jena freezes until needed.  Olivia decided to help and steal one for herself to eat.  Frozen like a popsicle, she loves goat’s milk.

Setting the goat’s milk aside . . . she then added all the oils.  That solid one on top is the shea butter.

While the oils were coming up to the right temperature, she added the lye to the goat’s milk which produces a heat reaction that helps melt the milk.

Once the oils & milk are within 10 degrees of each other, it’s time to add them together including the essential oils (in the little bowl).

Smells soooo good – she’s making Lemon Poppyseed so once everything was combined she added the poppy seeds.

Then she poured the soap into the molds.  See the little poppy seeds?

Yay!  She’ll leave it in the molds for 48 hours, then remove them and let them cure before she cuts them and gets them ready to ship out!  Thank you Jena it was really fascinating!  So fun to see the process – love your soap!!  Here is Jena’s link if you interested:

Bulk Oatmeal


I bought this super cute jar at Home Goods, quite awhile ago.  When I went to Sprouts last week, I originally went to purchase their bulk oatmeal, buying the Creme Lemon Almonds was the bonus!  Their bulk Rolled Oats (same as Old Fashioned Oats) are less than $1.50 per lb.!  I purchased 2 lbs. of oats from Sprouts for less than the price of 1 – 18oz. Quaker Oats container from the grocery store!

It just hit me – It’s ME!


banner1I used to joke with one of my friends that I’d have to take her with me to Joann’s or even Kohl’s so I could use her for the Senior Citizen discount, LOL.  Well I guess they don’t call it that anymore – but the number still applies – 55 and older!!  Lordy – I got this email today and it just hit me – IT’S ME and actually has been for a few years, LOL.  Thanks anyway Pat – I guess I can go on my own!!!

Custom String Art


Here is some of my daughter-in-law’s creativity!!  Custom String Art Signs – coming soon to an Etsy shop near you . . . or a FB page.  I’ll let you know as soon as Tara & Jason set up their Easy Shop or Facebook page for selling!!

Bring it!


img_1890As of December 19, 2016, I’ve officially been in my farmhouse 2 years!!  However, that means I’m going on my 3rd winter of snow shoveling the “back forty” by hand.  We recently had a couple of snow storms that brought in about 6-8″ of snow – both times.  During the last one I decided enough was enough!!  I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, so after doing some investigating and getting guy opinions I decided to purchase a “snow blower”.  I got this “SnowJoe” from Home Depot and it had some great reviews.  It’s a hybrid which means I can use the re-chargeable battery or plug it in, I love options, and it has an LED light and a 180 degree auto-rotate chute that rotates instantly with the push of a switch.  I just had to put a couple things together, charge the battery and I’m ready to go.  We’re expecting a bit of snow tomorrow and then again on Sunday – so bring it, LOL, not like the recent California snow bring it – more like another 6-8″ bring it!! 😉